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liu_hanhan-the_protective-20210430121534207.pdf.jpg202121-Jul-2021The Protective Role and Underlying Mechanism of Hydrogen Sulfide against glaucomatous injuries in vitro and in vivoLiu, Hanhan
protein_interactions_related_-20220908152202650.pdf.jpg20229-Sep-2022Protein interactions related to biological ice nucleation, allergies, and inflammationKunert, Anna Theresa
machtakova_marina-protein_nanoca-20210922100242899.pdf.jpg202224-Feb-2022Protein nanocapsules for the delivery of active biomacromoleculesMachtakova, Marina
100002023.pdf.jpg20185-Jun-2018Protein-based nanoparticles for drug delivery applicationsFach, Lars Matthias
122.pdf.jpg20011-Jan-2001Protein-Disassembly im Verlauf der endosomalen ProzessierungKremmin, Holger
proteinphosphatase_2a_als_pha-20221027192404359.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022Protein-Phosphatase 2A als pharmakologisches Zielprotein in PankreaskarzinomzellenLeydecker, Alessa Kristin
4052.pdf.jpg201512-May-2015Protein-Protein- und Protein-Lipid-Wechselwirkungen beeinflussen die Oligomerisierung und Funktion des E. coli Aquaglyceroporins GlpFKlein, Noreen
1906.pdf.jpg200925-Feb-2009Proteine im WeinWigand, Petra
ahlswede_lena-proteine_invol-20210825172228514.pdf.jpg202125-Aug-2021Proteine involviert in Membran-Strukturierung : Charakterisierung und Analyse von CurT, Tetraspanin-8 und Claudin-7Ahlswede, Lena
2013.pdf.jpg200924-Jun-2009Proteins control in biomineralization processes of the freshwater pearl mussel Hyriopsis cumingiiNatoli, Antonino
100002500.pdf.jpg201823-Dec-2018Proteo-Lipobeads : a novel platform to investigate strictly oriented membrane proteins in their functionally active form. Bio-UV-SPR: exploring the ultraviolet spectral range for water-bound analytes in surface plasmon resonance spectroscopyGeiss, Frank Andreas
781.pdf.jpg200528-Jun-2005Proteolyse des Amyloid-Vorläufer-Protein-verwandten APLP2 durch alpha-SekretasenEndres, Kristina
1121.pdf.jpg20069-Aug-2006Proteolysis of the receptor for advanced glycation end products by matrix metalloproteinasesZhang, Ling
100003562.pdf.jpg20205-Jun-2020Proteolytische Aktivierung einer latenten pflanzlichen Polyphenoloxidase aus den Blättern der Weinrebe (Vitis vinifera)Ludwig, Katharina
proteomic_analysis_of_human_c-20221205125812562.pdf.jpg202215-Dec-2022Proteomic analysis of human cerebrospinal fluid of patients with major depressive disorder and schizophreniaFrankenfeld, Antonia Marie
4080.pdf.jpg201511-Jun-2015Proteomic analysis of ocular surface components by use of HPLC based mass spectrometric strategiesFunke, Sebastian
100002985.pdf.jpg201930-Jul-2019Proteomic characterization of the biomolecular corona and its impact on cellular uptakeSimon, Johanna
proteomic_studies_on_intracel-20230226163009258.pdf.jpg202327-Mar-2023Proteomic studies on intracellular nanocarrier trafficking and regenerative bone substitute materialsda Costa Marques, Richard
3445.pdf.jpg20134-Jun-2013Proteomics-driven approach for the detection of breast cancer biomarkersKeller, Ksenia
3332.pdf.jpg201318-Jan-2013Proton magnetic resonance with parahydrogen induced polarization : Imaging strategies and continuous generationDechent, Jan Falk Frederik