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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
202123-Mar-2021Probing magnetostatic and magnetotransport properties of the antiferromagnetic iron oxide hematiteRoss, Andrew
201527-Jan-2015Probing quantum chromodynamics with the ATLAS detector : charged-particle event shape variables and the dijet cross-sectionHülsing, Tobias
200824-Oct-2008Probing strongly correlated states of ultracold atoms in optical latticesFölling, Simon
201411-Aug-2014Probing the decay characteristics of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in the semi-magic nucleus 140 Ce with gamma-gamma coincidence measurementsLöher, Bastian
202023-Jan-2020Probing the function of α2δ voltage-gated calcium channel subunits in the genetic model system Drosophila melanogasterHeinrich, Laurin
201326-Feb-2013Problem-specific design of metaheuristics for constrained spanning tree problemsSteitz, Wolfgang
201518-Dec-2015Die Problematik des sogenannten Bettpaneels von UgaritLanaro, Anna
20147-Feb-2014Process-based modelling of lichens and bryophytes and their role in global biogeochemical cyclesPorada, Philipp
202017-Nov-2020Processes governing the amplification of forecast errors and forecast uncertainty in a quantitative potential-vorticity frameworkBaumgart, Marlene Annette
20069-Aug-2006Processing of O 6 - methylguanine in mammalian cellsDebiak, Malgorzata
201322-Feb-2013Production of antihydrogen via double charge exchangeMüllers, Andreas
20114-Feb-2011Production of Z bosons in proton-proton collisions at root out s = 10 TeV: Expectations for early measurements at the ATLAS experimentBendel, Markus
20031-Jan-2003Production, purification, properties and application of the cellulases from a wild type strain of a yeast isolateKorish, Mohamed
200513-Jun-2005Production, radiochemical separation and chemical coupling of radioactive arsenic isotopes to synthesize radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imagingJennewein, Marc
20001-Jan-2000Produkte der solaren kosmischen Strahlung in MeteoritenPätsch, Matthias
20001-Jan-2000Produktion, radiochemische Abtrennung und koordinative Kopplung von 90 Nb zur Synthese potentieller Radiopharmaka für die PositronenemissionstomographieBusse, Stefan
201117-Jan-2011Prognose und Verlauf des diabetischen FußsyndromsSturm, Verena Leane
201913-May-2019Prognosefaktoren vor LungentransplantationReichert, Tobias Johannes
20129-May-2012Die prognostische Bedeutung von regulatorischen T-Zellen in der Festlegung von Therapiekonzepten beim RektumkarzinomWohland, David Michael
202122-Jul-2021Die prognostische Rolle der Sarkopenie im Vergleich zu anderen klinisch-radiologischen Prognosefaktoren bei Patienten mit intrahepatischem CholangiokarzinomMüller, Lukas