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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201525-Mar-2015Noncollinear magnetism in Mn2RhSn Heusler compoundMeshcheriakova, Olga
201719-Nov-2017Nonequilibrium Markov state modeling : theory and applicationKnoch, Fabian
201617-Apr-2016Normes officielles, normes pratiques et stratégies des acteurs dans le service public de justice au BéninTchantipo, Sotima Sai
201420-Oct-2014Novel algorithms for electronic structure based molecular dynamics with linear system-size scalingRichters, Dorothee
202016-Oct-2020Novel Concepts in Direct Electrochemical C-H FunctionalizationRöckl, Johannes Ludwig
201715-Nov-2017A novel crosslinking and immunoprecipitation method reveals the function of CSTF2tau in alternative processing of snRNAsKargapolova, Yulia
201130-May-2011A novel functional renormalization group framework for gauge theories and gravityCodello, Alessandro
20104-Oct-2010Novel isolates of Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV): deciphering the molecular mechanism for overcoming CpGV resistance in codling moth (Cydia pomonella)Eberle, Karolin Elisabeth
202117-Feb-2021Novel magnetic-sensing modalities with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondBudker, Dmitry; Zheng, Huijie
201427-Aug-2014Novel metallo-porphyrin based colourimetric amine sensors and their processing via plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition at atmospheric pressure : synthesis, characterisation and mechanistic studiesHeier, Philip Christoph
201029-Jul-2010Novel mouse models for use in IL-17A and Th17 researchCroxford, Andrew Lewis
201516-Dec-2015Novel organic semiconductors and their applications in electronicsXia, Debin
201427-Jun-2014Novel porphyrin amino acids as building blocks for artificial photosynthetic reaction centers : photoinduced energy and electron transferMelomedov, Jascha
201921-Feb-2019Novel RNA-based adjuvants with strong immunostimulatory activities improve the efficacy of VLP-based cancer vaccinesBihi, Mahjoub
200426-Aug-2004Novel simulation methods for Coulomb and hydrodynamic interactionsPasichnyk, Igor
20205-Feb-2020De novo screening of new biomarker candidates in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG)Schmelter, Carsten
201911-Dec-2019Npl3 stabilizes R-loops at telomeres to regulate replicative senescencePerez Martinez, Lara
201316-Dec-2013The NreABC system of Staphylococcus carnosus combines nitrate and oxygen sensing by an NreA,NreB sensor complexNilkens, Stephanie
20103-Mar-2010Nuclear charge radii of light isotopes based on frequency comb measurementsZakova, Monika
20099-Jun-2009Nuclear charge radius determination of 7,10 Be and the one-neutron halo nucleus 11 BeTiedemann, Dirk