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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20126-Dec-2012Neuronale Netzwerke des Zentralkomplexes und ein räumliches Arbeitsgedächtnis von Drosophila melanogasterNeuser, Kirsa
20087-Jan-2008Neurons derived from P19 embryonic carcinoma cells as a platform for biosensor applications - optimisation and characterisationKhor, Hwei Ling
20021-Jan-2002Neuropeptide und die Regulation des Kohlenhydratstoffwechsels im Fettkörper der Argentinischen Schabe (Blaptica dubia)Liewald, Jana F.
20174-Apr-2017Neurophysiologie des Simultandolmetschens : eine fMRI-Studie mit KonferenzdolmetschernKalderon, Eliza
201628-Jun-2016Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse in Archäometrie und SolarenergieforschungStieghorst, Christian
20102-Dec-2010New biosensor applications of surface plasmon and hydrogel optical waveguide spectroscopyWang, Yi
201329-May-2013A new class of bragg stacks and its principle applicationMaschke, Dominik G.
20108-Apr-2010New design of polyphenylene dendrimers for full-color light-emitting diodesQin, Tianshi
201017-Nov-2010New developments in state-specific multireference coupled-cluster theoryProchnow, Eric
200522-Mar-2005New discotic liquid crystals based on large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as materials for molecular electronicsTomovic, Zeljko
201019-Jul-2010A new double laser pulse pumping scheme for transient collisionally excited plasma soft X-ray lasersZimmer, Daniel Frederik
201520-Mar-2015New enhancement strategies for plasmon-enhanced fluorescence biosensorsBauch, Martin
20001-Jan-2000A new information fusion method for land-use classification using high resolution satellite imagerySun, Wanxiao
201916-Jan-2019New inhibitors of Golgi alpha-mannosidase IIIrsheid, Lina
20197-May-2019New insights into the characteristics and dynamics of rhyolite long-lasting volcanic eruptionsForte, Pablo Brian
200918-May-2009New methods for the functionalization of metathesis polymersHilf, Stefan
20031-Jan-2003New path integral simulation algorithms and their application to creep in the quantum sine-Gordon chainKrajewski, Florian
201926-Feb-2019New Physics with NeutrinosDentler, Mona Inge
20074-Sep-2007New platforms for optical biosensingAhl, Stefanie Elisabeth
200627-Nov-2006New proton conducting membranes for fuel cell applicationsReguna Sukumar, Prabakaran