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high_spatiotemporal_air_quali-20230925211931858.pdf.jpg20232-Oct-2023High spatiotemporal air quality measurements in urban environmentsEsper, Jan; Harr, Lorenz Oskar
4136.pdf.jpg201518-Aug-2015High temperature thermoelectric transport in quaternary copper selenides and ternary Zintl-antimonidesZeier, Wolfgang G.
3980.pdf.jpg201519-Mar-2015High-mass Drell-Yan cross-section and search for new phenomena in multi-electron/positron final states with the ATLAS detectorWollstadt, Simon
highperformance_processing_of-20240129114611062.pdf.jpg202414-Feb-2024High-performance processing of next-generation sequencing data on CUDA-enabled GPUsSchmidt, Bertil; Hildebrandt, Andreas; Kallenborn, Felix
kaleja_oliver_thomas-high-precision-20200907180812325.pdf.jpg20208-Sep-2020High-precision mass spectrometry of nobelium, lawrencium and rutherfordium isotopes and studies of long-lived isomers with SHIPTRAPBlock, Michael; Blaum, Klaus; Kaleja, Oliver T.
highresolution_analysis_of_re-20230209145450348.pdf.jpg202323-Feb-2023High-resolution analysis of replication-associated lesions bypass in time and spaceVillagomez Torres, Maria Beatriz
2807.pdf.jpg201124-Jun-2011High-resolution reconstruction of Holocene climate variability and environmental changes in the North Pacific using bivalve shellsHallmann, Nadine
100000747.pdf.jpg201627-Oct-2016High-voltage monolithic active pixel sensors for the PANDA luminosity detector and search for the decay e+ e- -> eta c eta pi+ pi- at center of mass energies between 4.23-4.36 GeV at BESIIIWeber, Tobias
1359.pdf.jpg20076-Aug-2007Higher-order calculations in manifestly Lorentz-invariant baryon chiral perturbation theorySchindler, Matthias R.
3439.pdf.jpg201328-May-2013Higher-order molecular properties and excitation energies in single-reference and multireference coupled-cluster theoryJagau, Thomas-Christian
3067.pdf.jpg201213-Mar-2012Higher-order perturbative relativistic corrections to energies and propertiesStopkowicz, Stella
3400.pdf.jpg20134-Apr-2013Highly accurate quantum chemistry : spin-orbit splittings via multireference coupled-cluster methods and applications in heavy-atom main-group chemistryMück, Leonie Anna
hilfe_unter_bedingungen?_eine-20220215182037831.pdf.jpg20223-Mar-2022Hilfe unter Bedingungen? Eine sozialethische Problematisierung von Konditionalitäten und Bedingungen in der EntwicklungszusammenarbeitKruip, Gerhard; Krauß, Christoph Diether Philipp
hills_and_valleys__novel_effe-20221225162809028.pdf.jpg202323-Jan-2023Hills and valleys : novel effects in the spectra of nuclear, atomic, and mesoscopic systemsBudker, Dmitry; Flambaum, Victor; Fadeev, Pavel
100000248.pdf.jpg201615-Feb-2016Histone deacetylase inhibitors reverse resistance to methylating agents : mechanisms in malignant melanoma and glioblastoma cellsKrumm, Andrea
klimpke_pascal_alexander-historische_en-20211117150821342.pdf.jpg202122-Nov-2021Historische Entwicklung der Allokationsverfahren solider Organe durch Eurotransplant innerhalb der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandKlimpke, Pascal Alexander
krieg_annika-historische_un-20210611211101002.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2021Historische und aktuelle Aspekte bei der Therapie der Lokalanästhetika- IntoxikationKrieg, Annika Judith
703.pdf.jpg200524-Feb-2005Historisches Grabenreißen im Wassereinzugsgebiet der Aar zwischen Wiesbaden und LimburgStolz, Christian
faghihi_sima-a_history_of_c-20210225135723327.pdf.jpg202117-Mar-2021A History of Configurations from Moebius to CoxeterFaghihi, Sima
3372.pdf.jpg201327-Feb-2013HLA class II mismatch alleles as targets of the alloreactive CD4 T-cell responseBlötz, Andrea