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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20011-Jan-2001Herstellung, Struktur und Polymerisation neuer Cyclodextrin-komplexierter (Meth)acrylate und radikalische Polymerisation neuer Monomere zur Steuerung rheologischer EigenschaftenGlöckner, Patrick
196412-Feb-2016Hesiods Erga : Beobachtungen zum AufbauNicolai, Walter
200814-Aug-2008Heteroatom containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with positive charge - synthesis and characterizationWu, Dongqing
201719-Oct-2017Heterologe Expression und physikochemische Charakterisierung der Polyphenoloxidasen aus dem Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis vinifera)Solem, Even
20163-Aug-2016Heterometallacrowns as high-spin moleculesHapp, Peter
20001-Jan-2000Heteronuclear recoupling methods in solid-state NMRSaalwächter, Kay
20092-Dec-2009Heusler compounds as thermoelectric materialsBarth, Joachim
201421-Nov-2014Heusler compounds for thermoelectric applicationsSchwall, Michael
201812-Jun-2018Hexagonal ice : Single crystalline hexagonal ice studied through surface-specific vibrational spectroscopyZamora, María Alejandra Sánchez
200921-Dec-2009Hexenfieber im Erzgebirge - Die Annaberger Krankheit 1712 - 1720Rychlak, Gabor
201829-Aug-2018Hierarchical structured materials for controlled oral drug deliveryHe, Wei
20092-Dec-2009High frequency acoustics in colloid-based meso- and nanostructures by spontaneous Brillouin light scatteringStill, Tim
201128-Apr-2011High gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) of erythrocytes infected with plasmodium falciparumOttinger, Annette
20148-Apr-2014High mobility rates during the period of the "Celtic migrations"? - 87 Sr, 86 Sr and delta 18 O evidence from Early La Tène EuropeScheeres, Mirjam
201215-Nov-2012High precision swept volume approximation with conservative error boundsDziegielewski, Andreas von
20153-Feb-2015High precision tools for slepton pair production processes at hadron collidersThier, Stephan Christoph
20021-Jan-2002High pressure surface plasmon spectroscopyJakob, Thomas
200712-Jan-2007High quality colloidal crystals with different architectures and their optical propertiesYe, Jianhui
200827-Feb-2008High resolution study of local stress inside alumina - micro mechanical analysis using laser scanning confocal microscopeChen, Yun
201518-Aug-2015High temperature thermoelectric transport in quaternary copper selenides and ternary Zintl-antimonidesZeier, Wolfgang G.