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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
56646.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Of Bayes and bullets : an embodied, situated, targeting-based account of predictive processingAnderson, Michael L.
3867.pdf.jpg20144-Nov-2014The office that preaches reconciliationHorn, Friedrich W.
»ohne_diese_grundsätze_kann_k-20230428084242346.pdf.jpg202323-Jun-2023»Ohne diese Grundsätze kann kein Mensch die Verdoppelung im mehr als vierstimmigen Satze wissen« : Kirnberger und der GeneralbassAerts, Hans
59810.pdf.jpg201822-Apr-2020Old hieratic inscriptions from the Old Kingdom tombs at AbusirVymazalová, Hana
59808.pdf.jpg201820-Apr-2020On signs, lists and standardisationMoezel, Kyra van der
55172.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016On the eve of artificial mindsEliasmith, Chris
55344.pdf.jpg20151-Dec-2016The ongoing search for the neuronal correlate of consciousnessSinger, Wolf
56663.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017The overtone model of self-deceptionPliushch, Iuliia
2374.pdf.jpg198321-Oct-2010Österreich und Preußen im Krimkrieg 1853 - 1856 : neue Forschungsergebnisse aufgrund der österreichischen AktenBaumgart, Winfried
59807.pdf.jpg201820-Apr-2020Paläographien und Hieratogramme – digitale HerausforderungenGülden, Svenja
55294.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016The paradigmatic body : embodied simulation, intersubjectivity, the bodily self, and languageGallese, Vittorio; Cuccio, Valentina
55173.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Perceptual presence in the Kuhnian-Popperian Bayesian brain : a commentary on Anil K. SethWiese, Wanja
55174.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Perspectival structure and vestibular processing : a commentary on Bigna Lenggenhager & Christophe LopezAlsmith, Adrian
55177.pdf.jpg201516-Nov-2016Phenomenal precision and some possible pitfalls : a commentary on Ned BlockFink, Sascha Benjamin
55179.pdf.jpg201516-Nov-2016Phenomenology, methodology, and advancing the debate : a reply to Aleksandra Mroczko-WąsowiczGrush, Rick
2377.pdf.jpg198427-Oct-2010La politica europeistica di Adenauer : 1945 - 1963Baumgart, Winfried
55181.pdf.jpg201517-Nov-2016Predicting peace : the end of the representation wars ; a reply to Michael MadaryClark, Andy
55183.pdf.jpg201517-Nov-2016Predictive coding is unconscious, so that consciousness happens now : a reply to Lucia MelloniLamme, Victor
56655.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Predictive processing and cognitive developmentFabry, Regina E.
56668.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Predictive processing and the phenomenology of time consciousness : a hierarchical extension of Rick Grush's trajectory estimation modelWiese, Wanja