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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
55114.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016“I just knew that!” : Intuitions as scaffolded or freestanding judgements ; a commentary on Tim BayneEngel, Maximilian H.
55298.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016The illusion of the given and its role in vision research : a commentary on Heiko HechtKohler, Axel
55115.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Imagination and experience : a commentary on Jérôme Dokic & Margherita ArcangeliBrüggen, Anne-Sophie
55291.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016The importance of being neutral : more on the phenomenology and metaphysics of imagination ; a reply to Anne-Sophie BrüggenDokic, Jérôme; Arcangeli, Margherita
55116.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Individuation, integration, and the phenomenological subject : a reply to Tobias SchlichtWilliford, Kenneth
55117.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Inference to the best prediction : a reply to Wanja WieseSeth, Anil K.
54996.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016An information-based approach to consciousness : mental state decodingHaynes, John-Dylan
55118.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Insight : what is it, exactly? ; A commentary on Ursula Voss & Allan HobsonKühle, Lana
56480.pdf.jpg201713-Apr-2017Introduction: commercial communication in the digital age : disinforming informed users?Siegert, Gabriele; Rimscha, Bjørn von; Grubenmann, Stephanie
59463.pdf.jpg20198-Dec-2019Introduction: conceptualism and materiality : matters of art and politicsBerger, Christian
55134.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Introspection and intuition : a reply to Maximilian H. EngelBayne, Tim
55135.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Introspective insecurityBayne, Tim
55136.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016It’s not just about the contents : searching for a neural correlate of a state of consciousness ; a commentary on Wolf SingerNoreika, Valdas
günther_christoph-jihadi_audiovi-20210316140755012.pdf.jpg202018-Mar-2021Jihadi audiovisuality and its entanglements : a conceptual frameworkGünther, Christoph; Pfeifer, Simone
55137.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Just in time-dreamless sleep experience as pure subjective temporality : a commentary on Evan ThompsonWindt, Jennifer M.
2373.pdf.jpg198221-Oct-2010Ein Kriegsrat Napoleons III. : englisch-französische Feldzugspläne gegen Rußland 1855/56Baumgart, Winfried
59845.pdf.jpg201822-May-2020Lernen leicht gemacht? : Arbeiten an einer Chrestomathie des HieratischenMöschen, Sophie
55144.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016LevelsCraver, Carl F.
59843.pdf.jpg201822-May-2020Les ligatures dans les textes hiératiques du Nouvel Empire (à partir des ostraca) : entre pragmatisme et maniérismeGasse, Annie
2631.pdf.jpg19849-Feb-2011Lineare Rekursionsformeln, Matrizen und EigenwertePommerening, Klaus