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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
55143.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016About this collection : a short introduction to the Open MIND projectMetzinger, Thomas
56667.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Action prevents error : predictive processing without active inferenceVance, Jona
56664.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Action-oriented predictive processing and social cognitionQuadt, Lisa
56647.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Active inference and the primacy of the ‘I can’Bruineberg, Jelle
2378.pdf.jpg198827-Oct-2010Adenauers Europapolitik 1945 - 1963Baumgart, Winfried
2383.pdf.jpg198427-Oct-2010Adolf Süsterhenn : (1905 - 1974)Baumgart, Winfried
56666.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Affective value in the predictive mindVan de Cruys, Sander
54986.pdf.jpg201521-Oct-2016After naturalism : wild systems theory and the turn to holism ; a reply to Saskia K. NagelJordan, J. Scott; Day, Brian
2372.pdf.jpg198121-Oct-2010Die Aktenedition zur Geschichte des Krimkriegs : eine Zwischenbilanz auf Grund der österreichischen AktenBaumgart, Winfried
54984.pdf.jpg201521-Oct-2016All the self we needGerrans, Philip
3866.pdf.jpg20144-Nov-2014Das Amt, das die Versöhnung predigtHorn, Friedrich W.
analyse_und_mechanisches_komp-20230428094038392.pdf.jpg202326-Jun-2023Analyse und mechanisches Komponieren bei KirnbergerOtt, Immanuel
any_news_from_dahshur?_record-20230707092525427.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2023Any news from Dahshur? : Recording Ramesside secondary epigraphy in the South Temple of Senwosret IIINavratilova, Hana
54999.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016Applied metascience of neuroethics : a commentary on Paul M. ChurlandBoelsen, Hannes
55000.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016Are there counterexamples to the immunity principle? : Some restrictions and clarifications ; a commentary on Caleb LiangHaug, Oliver; Jung, Marius F.
55005.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016Assessing a speaker's reliability falls short of providing an argument : a reply to Marius F. JungJacob, Pierre
59622.pdf.jpg201825-Mar-2020Associations in the creative industries as operators of digital platforms : ´failure factors´, with an example from the German book industry in the focusBläsi, Christoph
55328.pdf.jpg201530-Nov-2016The avatars in the machine : dreaming as a simulation of social realityRevonsuo, Antti; Tuominen, Jarno; Valli, Katja
becoming_abnormal__normality_-20220916144415773.pdf.jpg202214-Oct-2022Becoming ‘(ab-)normal’: normality, deviance, and doing life course transitionsBoll, Tobias
59809.pdf.jpg201822-Apr-2020Die beschreibende und kommentierte hieroglyphische Zeichenliste als offenes SystemHafemann, Ingelore