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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20158-Nov-2016“I just knew that!” : Intuitions as scaffolded or freestanding judgements ; a commentary on Tim BayneEngel, Maximilian H.
202028-Jan-2021Ice supersaturated regions : properties and validation of ERA-Interim reanalysis with IAGOS in situ water vapour measurementsReutter, Philipp; Neis, Patrick; Rohs, Susanne; Sauvage, Bastien
202017-Mar-2021Iconic socioclasm : idol-breaking and the dawn of a new social orderGünther, Christoph
202021-Apr-2021ideal: an R/Bioconductor package for interactive diferential expression analysisMarini, Federico; Linke, Jan; Binder, Harald
20138-Jul-2013Identification and characterisation of Stx5 a novel interactor of VLDL-R affecting its intracellular trafficking and processingWagner, Timo
201720-Dec-2017Identification and characterization of novel factors involved in dimorphism and pathogenicity of fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria triticiYemelin, Alexander
201919-Sep-2019Identification and characterization of novel targets in Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC)Krishnan, Aswini
202121-Jun-2021Identification and characterization of novel telomere binding proteins in Caenorhabditis elegansDietz, Sabrina Franziska
201128-Nov-2011Identification and dissolution behavior of the secondary uranium minerals in the corrosion products of Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition formed in soilsQader, Mohammed
201917-Jun-2019Identification of a potential allosteric site of Golgi α-mannosidase II using computer-aided drug designIrsheid, Lina; Wehler, Thomas; Borek, Christoph; Kiefer, Werner; Brenk, Ruth; Ortiz-Soto, Maria Elena; Seibel, Jürgen; Schirmeister, Tanja
202016-Dec-2020Identification of clinical biomarkers in dry eye disease using a targeted proteomics approachTschäbunin, Alexandra
201831-Jul-2018Identification of disulfiram as a secretase-modulating compound with beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s disease hallmarksReinhardt, Sven; Stoye, Nicolai; Luderer, Mathias; Kiefer, Falk; Schmitt, Ulrich; Lieb, Klaus; Endres, Kristina
202010-Mar-2020An identification of invariants in life history traits of amphibians and reptilesHallmann, Konstantin; Griebeler, Eva Maria
20219-Aug-2021Identification of Néel vector orientation in antiferromagnetic domains switched by currents in NiO/Pt thin filmsSchmitt, Christin; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Sanchez-Tejerina, Luis; Schreiber, Felix; Ross, Andrew; Filianina, Mariia; Ding, Shilei; Fuhrmann, Felix; Ramos, Rafael; Maccherozzi, Francesco; Backes, Dirk; Mawass, Mohamad Assaad; Kronast, Florian; Valencia, Sergio; Saitoh, Eiji; Finocchio, Giovanni; Kläui, Mathias
20209-Feb-2021Identification of novel rare ABCC1 transporter mutations in tumor biopsies of cancer patientsKadioglu, Onat; Saeed, Mohamed; Munder, Markus; Spuller, Andreas; Greten, Henry Johannes; Efferth, Thomas
201911-Jan-2019Identification of novel regulators of late-life longevity in the worm C. elegansByrne, Jonathan
200916-Mar-2009Identification of preferentially targeted tumor-associated antigens in melanoma patients via mRNA stimulation of CD8+ blood lymphocytesWesarg, Emmanuelle
201913-Aug-2021Identification of responders to immune checkpoint therapy : which biomarkers have the highest value?Liebl, Magdalena C.; Hofmann, Thomas G.
201420-Mar-2014Identification of target genes of the T-box proteins in Drosophila melanogasterMichalopoulou, Theoni
20182-Jan-2018Identification of the transcriptional program, establishing adult intestinal stem cells during mouse embryonic developmentNigmatullina, Lira