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57418.pdf.jpg201726-Oct-2017Smartphone-enhanced low-threshold intervention for adolescents with anorexia nervosa (SELTIAN) waiting for outpatient psychotherapy : study protocol of a randomised controlled trialKolar, David R.; Hammerle, Florian; Jenetzky, Ekkehart; Huss, Michael
smith_graham_2021__can_democr-20220624123749510.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022Smith, Graham (2021): Can Democracy Safeguard the Future?Frinken, Julian
felten_simon-smoothing_toro-20211116103128975.pdf.jpg202116-Nov-2021Smoothing toroidal crossing spacesFelten, Simon; Filip, Matej; Ruddat, Helge
sncrna715_inhibits_schwann_ce-20220925143755600.pdf.jpg201513-Oct-2022SncRNA715 inhibits Schwann cell myelin basic protein synthesisMüller, Christina; Hochhaus, Nina; Fontana, Xavier; Luhmann, Heiko; White, Robin
erdmann_friederika-socioeconomic_-20210614121915632.pdf.jpg202014-Jun-2021Socioeconomic differences in the risk of childhood central nervous system tumors in Denmark : a nationwide register-based case-control studyErdmann, Friederike; Ulla Arthur, Hvidtfeldt; Sørensen, Mette; Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole
ly_thu-my-sofortimplanta-20201125175206064.pdf.jpg202017-Dec-2020Sofortimplantation in Extraktionsalveolen im MolarenbereichLy, Thu-My
mecaj_bianka-soft_collinear-20211123025728696.pdf.jpg202114-Dec-2021Soft Collinear Effective Theory for Collider ProcessesNeubert, Matthias; Mecaj, Bianka
steiner_miriam-soft_presentat-20200929124536312.pdf.jpg20201-Oct-2020Soft presentation of hard news? : A content analysis of political facebook postsSteiner, Miriam
2439.pdf.jpg20109-Nov-2010A soft-tetramer model for diblock copolymer melts: structure formation and geometric characterizationGroß, Claudine
3503.pdf.jpg20133-Sep-2013Software tools and efficient algorithms for the feature detection, feature tracking, event localization, and visualization of large sets of atmospheric dataLimbach, Sebastian
3381.pdf.jpg20134-Mar-2013Software zur automatischen Tumordiagnose in der funktionalen MRT der weiblichen BrustMayer, Dirk
1910.pdf.jpg200911-Mar-2009Soil biogenic emissions of nitric oxide from arid and semi-arid ecosystemsFeig, Gregor Timothy
100002028.pdf.jpg201810-Jun-2018Soldaten und Mainzerinnen in der Festung Mainz 1816‒1866Dumont, Stefan
soldner_einstein_gravitationa-20221017150227995.pdf.jpg202111-Nov-2022Soldner, Einstein, gravitational light deflection and factors of twoSauer, Tilman
55284.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Solely generic phenomenology : a reply to Sascha Benjamin FinkBlock, Ned
lange_martin_alexander-solid_state_fl-20210802215704882.pdf.jpg20205-Aug-2021Solid state fluorination on the minute scale : synthesis of WO3−xFx with photocatalytic activityLange, Martin Alexander; Krysiak, Yaşar; Hartmann, Jens; Dewald, Georg; Cerretti, Giacomo; Tahir, Muhammad Nawaz; Panthöfer, Martin; Barton, Bastian; Reich, Tobias; Zeier, Wolfgang G.; Mondeshki, Mihail; Kolb, Ute; Tremel, Wolfgang
2277.pdf.jpg201027-May-2010Solid-state NMR on columnar supramolecular structuresWegner, Martin
2203.pdf.jpg201026-Feb-2010Solid-state NMR investigation of phosphonic acid based proton conducting materialsFaßbender, Birgit
2311.pdf.jpg201030-Jun-2010Solubility and permeability as in vitro predictors for in vivo performance of fenofibrate IR solid dosage formsBuch, Philipp
strobel_adrian_benedict-solubilization-20211118141328098.pdf.jpg20213-Dec-2021Solubilization Strength Characterization of Parenteral Solutions Containing Polysorbate 80 in Support of Extractable & Leachable StudiesStrobel, Adrian Benedict