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the_composite_face_effect_is_-20220624124519572.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022The composite face effect is robust against perceptual misfitKurbel, David; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
the_construct_of_sexual_openn-20220925171303434.pdf.jpg201718-Oct-2022The construct of sexual openness for females in steady intimate relationshipsRausch, Diana; Dekker, Arne; Rettenberger, Martin
1692.pdf.jpg200812-Aug-2008Contour integration and principles of perceptual groupingPersike, Malte
the_costs_and_benefits_of_min-20230417104741234.pdf.jpg202320-Apr-2023The costs and benefits of mindfulness and reappraisal in daily lifeWenzel, Mario; Blanke, Elisabeth S.; Rowland, Zarah; Brose, Annette
cough_is_dangerous___neural_c-20220914001624556.pdf.jpg20164-Oct-2022Cough is dangerous : neural correlates of implicit body symptoms associationsMier, Daniela; Witthöft, Michael; Bailer, Josef; Ofer, Julia; Kerstner, Tobias; Rist, Fred; Diener, Carsten
covid19_stress_syndrome_in_th-20230222113026170.pdf.jpg20236-Apr-2023COVID-19 stress syndrome in the German general population: Validation of a German version of the COVID Stress ScalesJungmann, Stefanie M.; Piefke, Martina; Nin, Vincent; Aasmundson, Gordon J. G.; Witthöft, Michael
covid19_vaccination_rates_in_-20230221094941984.pdf.jpg20223-May-2023COVID-19 vaccination rates in hospitalized mentally ill patients compared to the general population in Germany : results from the COVID Ψ Vac studyWiegand, Hauke F.; Maicher, Birgit; Rueb, Mike; Wessels, Paula; Besteher, Bianca; Hellwig, Sabine; Pfennig, Andrea; Rohner, Henrik; Unterecker, Stefan; Hölzel, Lars P.; Philipsen, Alexandra; Domschke, Katharina; Falkai, Peter; Lieb, Klaus; Adorjan, Kristina
cue_combination_anisotropies_-20220925160709214.pdf.jpg20157-Dec-2022Cue combination anisotropies in contour integration : the role of lower spatial frequenciesPersike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
rettenberger_martin-cyberkriminali-20210416174642725.pdf.jpg202011-May-2021Cyberkriminalität im Kontext von Partnerschaft, Sexualität und Peerbeziehungen : zur Cyberkriminologie des digitalen sozialen NahraumsRettenberger, Martin; Leuschner, Fredericke
59179.pdf.jpg201914-Aug-2019Depression and sequential decision-making revisitedNestler, Steffen; Sander, Martha; Egloff, Boris
depression_does_not_affect_ti-20220710205032836.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022Depression does not affect time perception and time-to-contact estimationOberfeld-Twistel, Daniel; Thönes, Sven; Palayoor, Benyne Jos; Hecht, Heiko
development_of_visual_systems-20220925165106308.pdf.jpg201417-Oct-2022Development of visual systems for faces and objects : further evidence for prolonged development of the face systemMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
lutz-kopp_caroline-development_i-20211112122726816.pdf.jpg202112-Nov-2021Development, implementation and first evaluation of an online portal to promote the mental health of university students (me@JGU)Lutz-Kopp, Caroline; Luka-Krausgrill, Ursula; Honsbrok, Bettina; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Gropalis, Maria
a_developmental_perspective_o-20230127163005398.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023A developmental perspective on personality-relationship transactions : evidence from three nationally representative samplesBühler, Janina Larissa; Mund, Marcus; Neyer, Franz J.; Wrzus, Cornelia
diabetes_technologies_in_peop-20221021113058907.pdf.jpg202115-Nov-2022Diabetes technologies in people with type 1 diabetes mellitus and disordered eating : a systematic review on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion, continuous glucose monitoring and automated insulin deliveryPriesterroth, Lilli; Grammes, Jennifer; Clauter, Mona; Kubiak, Thomas
differential_relationship_bet-20230227085230019.pdf.jpg202219-Apr-2023Differential relationship between self-reported interoceptive accuracy and attention with psychopathology : a latent variable approachBrand, Sebastian; Petzke, Tara M.; Witthöft, Michael
dimensionen_der_elternkindbin-20230722215643524.pdf.jpg202314-Aug-2023Dimensionen der Eltern-Kind-Bindung als Mediatoren für das Auftreten körperlicher Misshandlungen im Kindesalter: Liebe als protektiver FaktorStevens, Christin Eva
disordered_eating_behaviours_-20221020090007569.pdf.jpg202221-Oct-2022Disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders in adults with type 1 diabetes (DEBBI) : rational and design of an observational longitudinal online studyPriesterroth, Lilli; Grammes, Jennifer; Strohm, Edda Anna; Kubiak, Thomas
distinct_patterns_of_universi-20221103100550371.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022Distinct patterns of university students study crafting and the relationships to exhaustion, well-being, and engagementMülder, Lina Marie; Schimek, Sonja; Werner, Antonia Maria; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Heller, Sebastian; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Schäfer, Markus; Dietz, Pavel; Letztel, Stephan; Beutel, Manfred E.; Stark, Birgit; Simon, Perikles; Rigotti, Thomas
does_perceived_ease_of_use_mi-20220925165625431.pdf.jpg20177-Dec-2022Does perceived ease of use mitigate computer anxiety and stimulate self-regulated learning for pre-service teacher students?Schlag, Myriam; Imhof, Margarete