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57418.pdf.jpg201726-Oct-2017Smartphone-enhanced low-threshold intervention for adolescents with anorexia nervosa (SELTIAN) waiting for outpatient psychotherapy : study protocol of a randomised controlled trialKolar, David R.; Hammerle, Florian; Jenetzky, Ekkehart; Huss, Michael
4020.pdf.jpg20154-May-2015Das strukturierte Portfolio zur Dokumentation des orientierenden Praktikums für LehramtsstudierendeSchlag, Myriam
kronenwett_michael-subjective_ach-20210921185018147.pdf.jpg202129-Sep-2021Subjective Achievement Experiences and Employee Well-Being: An Investigation of Subjective Achievement Experiences and their Role for Emotional Demands and Time Pressure as Challenge and Hindrance DemandsKronenwett, Michael
switching_attention_within_wo-20220925163702105.pdf.jpg201617-Oct-2022Switching attention within working memory is reflected in the P3a component of the human event-related brain potentialBerti, Stefan
59040.pdf.jpg201918-Apr-2019Taking action or thinking about it? : State orientation and rumination are correlated in athletesKröhler, Alena; Berti, Stefan
a_task_to_induce_quantify_an-20211223115505939.pdf.jpg20228-Feb-2022A task to induce, quantify and operationalize subjectively perceived boredomSeiler, Johannes P.-H.
fischenich_alexander-temporal_loudn-20211103105946870.pdf.jpg20213-Nov-2021Temporal loudness weights are frequency specificFischenich, Alexander; Hots, Jan; Verhey, Jesko; Oberfeld, Daniel
59467.pdf.jpg201912-Dec-2019Temporal weights in loudness : investigation of the effects of background noise and sound levelFischenich, Alexander; Hots, Jan; Verhey, Jesko; Oberfeld-Twistel, Daniel
theory_of_mind_development_fr-20220520111550874.pdf.jpg202020-May-2022Theory of mind development from adolescence to adulthood : testing the two-component modelMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Daum, Moritz M.; Meinhardt, Günter
100003499.pdf.jpg20209-May-2020Therapeut*innen- und Patient*innenverhalten in der psychotherapeutischen Sitzung – Erfassung, Förderung und Bedeutung für den BehandlungserfolgMaiwald, Lisa Marie
53786.pdf.jpg201624-May-2016Thinking dimensional : prevalence of DSM-5 early adolescent full syndrome, partial and subthreshold eating disorders in a cross-sectional survey in German schoolsHammerle, Florian; Huss, Michael; Ernst, Verena; Bürger, Arne
too_great_to_be_guilty?___ind-20230207091247546.pdf.jpg20227-Feb-2023Too great to be guilty? : Individuals high in collective narcissism demand closure regarding the past to attenuate collective guiltKazarovytska, Fiona; Imhoff, Roland
58216.pdf.jpg20187-Jun-2018The two-systems account of theory of mind : testing the links to social-perceptual and cognitive abilitiesMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Daum, Moritz M.; Meinhardt, Günter; Persike, Malte
58797.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019The underestimated significance of conditioning in placebo hypoalgesia and nocebo hyperalgesiaBräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Witthöft, Michael; Becker, Susanne
schmidt_susanne-undergraduate_-20210201114509182.pdf.jpg20201-Feb-2021Undergraduate students’ critical online reasoning : process mining analysisSchmidt, Susanne; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Roeper, Jochen; Klose, Verena; Weber, Maruschka; Bültmann, Ann-Kathrin; Brückner, Sebastian
understanding_dysregulated_be-20220712203120122.pdf.jpg201613-Jul-2022Understanding dysregulated behaviors and compulsions : an extension of the emotional cascade model and the mediating role of intrusive thoughtsJungmann, Stefanie; Vollmer, Noelle; Selby, Edward A.; Witthöft, Michael
425.pdf.jpg20031-Jan-2003Unendlicher Panpsychismus. Kraft und Substanz in der Philosophie des Individuums von Leibniz.Bergmann, Markus
frenken_marius-a_uniform_cons-20211021120911051.pdf.jpg202126-Oct-2021A uniform conspiracy mindset or differentiated reactions to specific conspiracy beliefs? : Evidence from latent profile analysesFrenken, Marius; Imhoff, Roland
stoll_marlene-unintended_con-20210506123046039.pdf.jpg20216-May-2021Unintended Effects of Conflict of Interest Disclosure : a Psychological PerspectiveStoll, Marlene
flade_felicitas-unpacking_the_-20200828144508635.pdf.jpg202027-Oct-2020Unpacking the boxes we put people in - On the symmetry, contextual malleability, and maintenance of social categorizationFlade, Felicitas