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link_between_irrational_belie-20220727075950174.pdf.jpg20223-Aug-2022Link between irrational beliefs and important markers of mental health in a German sample of athletes : differences between gender, sport-type, and performance levelMichel-Kröhler, Alena; Turner, Martin, J.
59393.pdf.jpg20195-Nov-2019Longitudinal associations of narcissism with interpersonal, intrapersonal, and institutional Outcomes : an investigation using a representative sample of the German populationLeckelt, Marius; Richter, David; Wetzel, Eunike; Back, Mitja D.
chmitorz_andrea-longitudinal_d-20210826115848448.pdf.jpg202126-Aug-2021Longitudinal determination of resilience in humans to identify mechanisms of resilience to modern-life stressors : the longitudinal resilience assessment (LORA) studyChmitorz, Andrea; Neumann, Rebecca Johanna; Kollmann, Bianca; Ahrens, Kira Florence; Öhlschläger, S.; Goldbach, N.; Weichert, D.; Schick, Anita; Lutz, B.; Plichta, Michael M.; Fiebach, C. J.; Wessa, Michèle; Kalisch, Raffael; Tüscher, Oliver; Lieb, K.; Reif, Andreas
the_longitudinal_influence_of-20221103080140095.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022The longitudinal influence of hedonic and eudaimonic entertainment preferences on psychological resilience and wellbeingReinecke, Leonard; Kreling, Rebekka Johanna
59389.pdf.jpg20194-Nov-2019A machine learning approach to quantify the specificity of colour-emotion associations and their cultural differencesJonauskaite, Domicele; Wicker, Jörg; Mohr, Christine; Dael, Nele; Havelka, Jelena; Papadatou-Pastou, Marietta; Zhang, Meng; Oberfeld-Twistel, Daniel
54872.pdf.jpg20165-Oct-2016Meeting report of the 2nd German dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents network meetingHammerle, Florian; Bürger, Arne; Kaess, Michael; Kolar, David R.
rust_sebastian_alexander-metaanalyse_zu-20201202180304249.pdf.jpg202017-Dec-2020Metaanalyse zur Verbreitung des pharmakologischen NeuroenhancementsRust, Sebastian Alexander
klein_eva_m.-migration_und_-20201125110109356.pdf.jpg202010-Dec-2020Migration and Mental Health – the role of child maltreatment, recalled parental rearing behavior and acculturation: results from representative samplesKlein, Eva Maria
rowland_zarah-mindfulness_an-20210514090809367.pdf.jpg202025-May-2021Mindfulness and affect-network density : does mindfulness facilitate disengagement from affective experiences in daily lifeRowland, Zarah; Wenzel, Mario
a_mindfulnessbased_stress_pre-20220925173205337.pdf.jpg201520-Oct-2022A mindfulness-based stress prevention training for medical students (MediMind) : study protocol for a randomized controlled trialKuhlmann, Sophie Merle; Bürger, Arne; Esser, Günter; Hammerle, Florian
minor_and_inconsistent_differ-20220610130242266.pdf.jpg202214-Jun-2022Minor and inconsistent differences in Big Five personality traits between vegetarians and vegansMüssig, Markus; Pfeiler, Tamara M.; Egloff, Boris
mirror_visual_feedback_traini-20220914103726561.pdf.jpg201614-Sep-2022Mirror visual feedback training improves intermanual transfer in a sport-specific task : a comparison between different skill levelsSteinberg, Fabian; Pixa, Nils; Doppelmayr, Michael
a_mixedmethods_investigation_-20220523094408525.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022A mixed-methods investigation of medical follow-up in long-term childhood cancer survivors : what are the reasons for non-attendance?Ernst, Mareike; Brähler, Elmar; Faber, Jörg; Wild, Philipp S.; Merzenich, Hiltrud; Beutel, Manfred E.
58685.pdf.jpg201811-Dec-2018Modality-independent recruitment of inferior frontal cortex during speech processing in human infantsAltvater-Mackensen, Nicole; Grossmann, Tobias
meine_laura_elisabeth-the_modulatory-20211108112617688.pdf.jpg20211-Dec-2021The Modulatory Effect of Control on Stress Responding – A Translational Perspective with Implications for Resilience ResearchMeine, Laura Elisabeth
mutterkindbeziehungen_und_kin-20220321180631779.pdf.jpg20226-Jul-2022Mutter-Kind-Beziehungen und Kindheitsbelastungen im Vergleich zwischen Alleinerziehenden und ZweielternfamilienKampmann, Elisabeth Martha
barnerjee_mita-narratives_and-20210106121559205.pdf.jpg20207-Jan-2021Narratives and their impact on students’ information seeking and critical online reasoning in higher education economics and medicineBanerjee, Mita; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Roeper, Jochen
berger_alisa-neural_ccorrel-20210202092800590.pdf.jpg20202-Feb-2021Neural correlates of age-related changes in precise grip force regulation: a combined EEG-fNIRS studyBerger, Alisa; Steinberg, Fabian; Thomas, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
58971.pdf.jpg201922-Feb-2019Neurocognitive markers during prolonged breath-holding in freedivers : an event-related EEG studySteinberg, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
neuronale_korrelate_der_inter-20211221114020889.pdf.jpg20227-Jan-2022Neuronale Korrelate der Interaktion impliziten emotionalen Lernens mit motorischer Inhibition, eine fMRT StudieSchober, Magdalena Ulrike