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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
in_praise_of_externalism?___s-20230221120835939.pdf.jpg20224-May-2023In praise of externalism? : Spaulding, Dewey, and the logic of relationsNeuber, Matthias
55116.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Individuation, integration, and the phenomenological subject : a reply to Tobias SchlichtWilliford, Kenneth
55117.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Inference to the best prediction : a reply to Wanja WieseSeth, Anil K.
54996.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016An information-based approach to consciousness : mental state decodingHaynes, John-Dylan
55118.pdf.jpg20158-Nov-2016Insight : what is it, exactly? ; A commentary on Ursula Voss & Allan HobsonKühle, Lana
55134.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Introspection and intuition : a reply to Maximilian H. EngelBayne, Tim
55135.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Introspective insecurityBayne, Tim
55136.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016It’s not just about the contents : searching for a neural correlate of a state of consciousness ; a commentary on Wolf SingerNoreika, Valdas
55137.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016Just in time-dreamless sleep experience as pure subjective temporality : a commentary on Evan ThompsonWindt, Jennifer M.
a_kantian_response_to_the_gam-20230818171327255.pdf.jpg202324-Aug-2023A Kantian response to the Gamer's DilemmaUlbricht, Samuel
schütze_irene-kunst._anthrop-20210927164258741.pdf.jpg20218-Oct-2021Kunst. Anthropozän. New Materialism. Studiopraxis : 16 Essays von Studierenden : Kunsthochschule Mainz 2021Schütze, Irene
3565.pdf.jpg201321-Nov-2013Das Leib-Seele-Problem bei Karl JoëlEndo, Yoshito
55144.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2016LevelsCraver, Carl F.
100001267.pdf.jpg201725-Apr-2017Levels of social embodiment - towards a unifying perspective on social cognitionQuadt, Lisa Anna
56659.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Literal perceptual inferenceKiefer, Alexander B.
lukes_notions_of_spirits-20220131190842602.pdf.jpg20227-Feb-2022Luke´s notions of "Spirits": A Study Of Luke’ s Notions of Πνεῦμα against the Qumran and Stoic Background TraditionsZimmermann, Ruben; Jimenez Cardenas, David Jonathan
55151.pdf.jpg201511-Nov-2016Manifest illusions : a reply to Axel KohlerHecht, Heiko
59254.pdf.jpg200524-Sep-2019Die Masken des Dionysos : Vorlesungen zu "Philosophie und Mythologie"Grätzel, Stephan
55152.pdf.jpg201511-Nov-2016Mathematical cognition : a case of enculturationMenary, Richard
55153.pdf.jpg201511-Nov-2016Meaning, context, and backgroundBeyer, Christian