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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
56654.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Modularity and the predictive mindDrayson, Zoe
moral_disagreement_and_moral_-20230815124927358.pdf.jpg202324-Aug-2023Moral disagreement and moral education : what’s the problem?Balg, Dominik
56658.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Moving from the what to the how and where : Bayesian models and predictive processingHarkness, Dominic L.; Keshava, Ashima
55329.pdf.jpg201530-Nov-2016The multifunctionality of dreaming and the oblivious avatar : a commentary on Revonsuo & colleaguesDresler, Martin
the_multilingual_profile_and_-20230612095300505.pdf.jpg202312-Jun-2023The multilingual profile and its impact on identity : approaching the difference between multilingualism and multilingual identity or linguistic identitySiebenhütter, Stefanie
55169.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Multiplicity needs coherence : towards a unifying framework for social understanding ; a commentary on Albert NewenQuadt, Lisa
54989.pdf.jpg201521-Oct-2016A multiplicity view for social cognition : defending a coherent framework ; a reply to Lisa QuadtNewen, Albert
55170.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Multisensory spatial mechanisms of the bodily self and social cognition : a commentary on Vittorio Gallese & Valentina CuccioPfeiffer, Christian
the_myth_of_cognitive_agency_-20220914010053842.pdf.jpg20135-Oct-2022The myth of cognitive agency : subpersonal thinking as a cyclically recurring loss of mental autonomyMetzinger, Thomas
hauck_konstantin-die_mythifikat-20210629085447334.pdf.jpg20211-Jul-2021Die Mythifikation des Lebens. Eine philosophische Aufarbeitung der medialen Präsentation des prominenten Lebensverlaufs Gunter SachsʼHauck, Konstantin
55171.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Naturalizing metaethicsPrinz, Jesse
55299.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016The neural organ explains the mindHohwy, Jakob
56646.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Of Bayes and bullets : an embodied, situated, targeting-based account of predictive processingAnderson, Michael L.
55172.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016On the eve of artificial mindsEliasmith, Chris
55344.pdf.jpg20151-Dec-2016The ongoing search for the neuronal correlate of consciousnessSinger, Wolf
59222.pdf.jpg200929-Aug-2019Organische Zeit : zur Einheit von Erinnerung und VergessenGrätzel, Stephan
56663.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017The overtone model of self-deceptionPliushch, Iuliia
55294.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016The paradigmatic body : embodied simulation, intersubjectivity, the bodily self, and languageGallese, Vittorio; Cuccio, Valentina
the_paradoxical_anchoring_of_-20230818125613680.pdf.jpg202328-Aug-2023The paradoxical anchoring of Kojève’s philosophizing in the tradition of Russian religious philosophyJubara, Annett
55173.pdf.jpg201514-Nov-2016Perceptual presence in the Kuhnian-Popperian Bayesian brain : a commentary on Anil K. SethWiese, Wanja