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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
202119-Apr-2021Metaheuristics for Pattern Mining in Big Sequence DataRaza, Atif
20118-Dec-2011On the car sequencing problem: analysis and solution methodsGolle, Uli
201727-Nov-2017Online density estimates : a probabilistic condensed representation of data for knowledge discoveryGeilke, Michael
201819-Dec-2018Online Multi-label Text Classification using Topic ModelsBurkhardt, Sophie
201423-Oct-2014Optimized scheduling in real-time environments with column generationHoffmann, Sebastian
20137-Oct-2020Packing a trunk : a physically based approach with full motional freedomWerth, Kai
201326-Feb-2013Problem-specific design of metaheuristics for constrained spanning tree problemsSteitz, Wolfgang
202013-Jan-2020Pseudoforest Partitions and the Approximation of Connected Subgraphs of High DensityBlumenstock, Markus Andreas Daniel
200812-Feb-2008Reinforcement Lernen mit RegularisierungsnetzwerkenJung, Tobias
201714-Jul-2017Rigid and deformable motion and disassembly planning with a focus on the digital mockup process in the automotive industrySchneider, Daniel
201918-Jan-2019Robust Monocular Pose Estimation of Rigid 3D Objects in Real-TimeTjaden, Henning
202120-Sep-2021seqQscorer: automated quality control of next-generation sequencing data using machine learningAlbrecht, Steffen; Sprang, Maximilian; Andrade, Miguel; Fontaine, Jean-Fred
201712-Oct-2017Shape-basierte Bewegungsklassifikation auf multidimensionalen Zeitreihen mit Hilfe elastischer AbstandsmaßeStein, Frederic Alexander
20134-Mar-2013Software zur automatischen Tumordiagnose in der funktionalen MRT der weiblichen BrustMayer, Dirk
202117-Mar-2021Space-efficient and exact system representations for the nonlocal protein electrostatics problemHildebrandt, Andreas; Kemmer, Thomas
200917-Jul-2009Topologically correct intersection curves of tori and natural quadricsReithmann, Tobias
20088-Jan-2008Über das Vermessen tubulärer Strukturen in der ComputertomographieWeinheimer, Oliver
201528-Jul-2015Visualization and validation of (Q)SAR modelsGütlein, Martin
200816-Dec-2008Volumenpackungen nach SAE J1100Baumann, Tobias