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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
100002167.pdf.jpg201830-Jul-2018Improving I/O performance in HPC through guided prefetching and non-volatile memory devicesCongiu, Giuseppe
100002006.pdf.jpg201822-May-2018Improving interpolants of non-convex polyhedra with linear arithmetic and probably approximatley correct learning for bounded linear arrangementsBeber, Björn
improving_structural_similari-20220924205440811.pdf.jpg201310-Oct-2022Improving structural similarity based virtual screening using background knowledgeGirschick, Tobias; Puchbauer, Lucia; Kramer, Stefan
inmemory_interval_joins-20220701133214926.pdf.jpg20214-Jul-2022In-Memory Interval JoinsBouros, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tsitsigkos, Dimitrios; Terrovitis, Manolis
szabó_tamás-incrementalizi-20210130205848092.pdf.jpg202116-Feb-2021Incrementalizing Static Analyses in DatalogSzabó, Tamás
1510.pdf.jpg20089-Jan-2008Interactive simulation of flexible partsGregoire, Mireille
kanekal_kiran-investigating_-20210222180034713.pdf.jpg20218-Apr-2021Investigating the Effect of Coarse-Graining on Chemical Compound SpaceKanekal, Kiran H.
könemann_tobias-laboratory_and-20200803173824644.pdf.jpg202017-Aug-2020Laboratory and field characterization of a new online instrument for analysis of single bioaerosol particle fluorescence spectraKönemann, Tobias
tibyampansha_dativa-learning_with_-20200909114140794.pdf.jpg202014-Sep-2020LEARNING WITH SMARTPHONES: Case study of learning drug prescribing using the PharmaFrog appTibyampansha, Dativa
2403.pdf.jpg201010-Sep-2010Lernen mit einer Hybride aus Lernendem Klassifizierendem System und Selbstorganisierender KarteHillebrand, Thomas
localitysensitive_hashing_ena-20221129143959201.pdf.jpg202230-Nov-2022Locality-sensitive hashing enables efficient and scalable signal classification in high-throughput mass spectrometry raw dataBob, Konstantin; Teschner, David; Kemmer, Thomas; Gomez-Zepeda, David; Tenzer, Stefan; Schmidt, Bertil; Hildebrandt, Andreas
4050.pdf.jpg201513-May-2015LoneStar : Design and evaluation of an energy-efficient, disk-based archival storage systemGrawinkel, Matthias
raza_atif-metaheuristics-20210414152914334.pdf.jpg202119-Apr-2021Metaheuristics for Pattern Mining in Big Sequence DataRaza, Atif
modern_methods_in_bayesian_pr-20220930100143978.pdf.jpg202217-Oct-2022Modern methods in bayesian probabilistic modeling and their applicationsHildebrandt, Andreas; Bob, Konstantin
nightshift__nmr_shift_inferen-20220913201246106.pdf.jpg201315-Sep-2022NightShift: NMR shift inference by general hybrid model training : a framework for NMR chemical shift predictionDehof, Anna Katharina; Loew, Simon; Lenhof, Hans-Peter; Hildebrandt, Andreas
2905.pdf.jpg20118-Dec-2011On the car sequencing problem: analysis and solution methodsGolle, Uli
100001664.pdf.jpg201727-Nov-2017Online density estimates : a probabilistic condensed representation of data for knowledge discoveryGeilke, Michael
100002486.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Online Multi-label Text Classification using Topic ModelsBurkhardt, Sophie
3865.pdf.jpg201423-Oct-2014Optimized scheduling in real-time environments with column generationHoffmann, Sebastian
werth_kai-packing_a_trun-20201014105145058.pdf.jpg20137-Oct-2020Packing a trunk : a physically based approach with full motional freedomWerth, Kai