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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
3225.pdf.jpg201214-Sep-2012Efficient certification of feasibility and objective value of linear programs and its applicationsDumitriu, Daniel
3438.pdf.jpg201328-May-2013Efficient parallel proximity queries and an application to highly complex motion planning problems with many narrow passagesErbes, Rainer
4180.pdf.jpg201516-Oct-2015Efficient subsequence alignment of time seriesHundt, Christian
3707.pdf.jpg20143-Apr-2014Effiziente und robuste, feature-basierte Wiedererkennung langer Zeitreihen in großen DatenbankenDranischnikow, Egor
100002384.pdf.jpg201820-Nov-2018Enhancing application checkpointing and migration in HPCGad, Ramy Mohamed Aly
gattig_philipp-entwicklung_ei-20201027132838553.pdf.jpg202029-Oct-2020Entwicklung eines computergestützen FMEA Ansatzes zur Verknüpfung von Qualitätsattributen und Prozessparametern unter Verwendung von maschinellem LernenGattig, Philipp
1641.pdf.jpg20084-Jun-2008Exact computation of the adjacency graph of an arrangement of quadricsHemmer, Michael
100000728.pdf.jpg201622-Oct-2016Fast approximative data structures for applications in the automotive industryWill, Dominik
filtered_circular_fingerprint-20220714105635233.pdf.jpg201615-Jul-2022Filtered circular fingerprints improve either prediction or runtime performance while retaining interpretabilityGütlein, Martin; Kramer, Stefan
genetic_programming_for_itera-20220729163924349.pdf.jpg20223-Aug-2022Genetic programming for iterative numerical methodsSobania, Dominik; Schmitt, Jonas; Köstler, Harald; Rothlauf, Franz
100003199.pdf.jpg20194-Dec-2019Graph-Grammatiken zur Suche und Klassifikation von molekularen StrukturenMosca, Domenico
hector___a_parallel_multistag-20220710211016032.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022HECTOR : a parallel multistage homopolymer spectrum based error corrector for 454 sequencing dataWirawan, Adrianto; Harris, Robert S.; Liu, Yongchao; Schmidt, Bertil; Schröder, Jan
3267.pdf.jpg201215-Nov-2012High precision swept volume approximation with conservative error boundsDziegielewski, Andreas von
how_to_compute_a_shape__optic-20220217123750581.pdf.jpg202122-Feb-2022How to compute a shape : optical character recognition for hieraticBermeitinger, Bernhard; Gülden, Svenja A.; Konrad, Tobias
100002167.pdf.jpg201830-Jul-2018Improving I/O performance in HPC through guided prefetching and non-volatile memory devicesCongiu, Giuseppe
100002006.pdf.jpg201822-May-2018Improving interpolants of non-convex polyhedra with linear arithmetic and probably approximatley correct learning for bounded linear arrangementsBeber, Björn
improving_structural_similari-20220924205440811.pdf.jpg201310-Oct-2022Improving structural similarity based virtual screening using background knowledgeGirschick, Tobias; Puchbauer, Lucia; Kramer, Stefan
inmemory_interval_joins-20220701133214926.pdf.jpg20214-Jul-2022In-Memory Interval JoinsBouros, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos; Tsitsigkos, Dimitrios; Terrovitis, Manolis
szabó_tamás-incrementalizi-20210130205848092.pdf.jpg202116-Feb-2021Incrementalizing Static Analyses in DatalogSzabó, Tamás
1510.pdf.jpg20089-Jan-2008Interactive simulation of flexible partsGregoire, Mireille