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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
topological_excitations_in_ma-20231113124042764.pdf.jpg202318-Dec-2023Topological excitations in magnets, superconductors, and magnet-superconductor heterostructuresNothhelfer, Jonas
3425.pdf.jpg201316-May-2013Total OH reactivity measurements at the biosphere-atmosphere interfaceNölscher, Anke Christine
100003134.pdf.jpg201925-Oct-2019Toward nanoscale reactivity mapping under electro-catalytic reaction conditions : Plasmon-enhanced vibrational spectroscopy of the electrochemical gold oxidation and gold oxide reductionPfisterer, Jonas H. K.
toward_understanding_bacteria-20220404133437333.pdf.jpg202212-Apr-2022Toward Understanding Bacterial Ice Nucleation - Interface-specific nonlinear spectroscopy used to unravel the working mechanisms of bacterial ice nucleation proteinsLukas, Max
3342.pdf.jpg20131-Feb-2013Transport of nanoparticles into polymersomes : a minimal model system of particles passage through biological membranesJaskiewicz, Karmena Izabela
100001842.pdf.jpg201825-Jan-2018A tumor invasion model for heterogeneous cancer cell populations : mathematical analysis and numerical methodsKolbe, Niklas
100001889.pdf.jpg201831-Jan-2018Tuning mechanical properties of hydrogelsUstahüseyin, Oya
3011.pdf.jpg201213-Feb-2012Uptake mechanism, intracellular trafficking and endo-lysosomal pH monitoring of polystyrene nanoparticlesLerch, Simone
3138.pdf.jpg201220-Jun-2012Using sulfur isotope fractionation to understand the atmospheric oxidation of SO 2Harris, Eliza
100002258.pdf.jpg20183-Sep-2018Vibrational sum frequency generation pectroscopy of proteins at interfacesSchmüser-Steger, Lars
100000995.pdf.jpg20177-Feb-2017Vinyl ether functional polyurethanes as novel photopolymersKirschbaum, Stefan
3838.pdf.jpg201422-Sep-2014Wet bioadhesion in tree frogsKaveh, Farzaneh