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shaping_the_gradients_driving-20220701131905659.pdf.jpg20214-Jul-2022Shaping the gradients driving phoretic micro-swimmers : influence of swimming speed, budget of carbonic acid and environmentMöller, Nadir; Liebchen, Benno; Palberg, Thomas
100001399.pdf.jpg20175-Jul-2017Simple monocyclic aromatic compounds from a global scale perspectiveCabrera Perez, Carlos David
3196.pdf.jpg20121-Aug-2012Sources and pathways of methane formed in oxidative environmentsAlthoff, Frederik
3747.pdf.jpg201419-May-2014Stable isotope composition of atmospheric carbon monoxide : a modelling studyGromov, Sergey S.
4159.pdf.jpg20158-Sep-2015Stratospheric aerosol extinction retrieved from SCIAMACHY measurements in limb geometryDörner, Steffen
3179.pdf.jpg201223-Jul-2012Stress & structure of thin polymer brush filmsOchsmann, Jannis Walther
3405.pdf.jpg201311-Apr-2013Structural analysis of the major lightharvesting complex II by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) : comparison between monomers and trimersDietz, Carsten
100000968.pdf.jpg201725-Jan-2017Structure control in polymer/inorganic hybrid nanomaterialsSchoth, Alexander
3180.pdf.jpg201226-Jul-2012Structure formation of amphiphilic molecules at the air, water interface and after film transferKeller, Rabea
3314.pdf.jpg20132-Jan-2013Studies of degradation of organic solar cell materials using electrical scanning probe microscopySen Gupta, Esha
zhang_jianrui-studying_polym-20201015134606153.pdf.jpg202019-Oct-2020Studying Polymeric Materials with Mesoscopic Models. Focus: Multiscale PropertiesZhang, Jianrui
100001982.pdf.jpg20187-May-2018SynDLP: a new bacterial dynamin-like protein and its potential involvement in thylakoid membrane biogenesisJilly, Ruven
3618.pdf.jpg201323-Dec-2013Synthese neuer Farbstofftopologien durch AnellierungsreaktionenLütke Eversloh, Christian
3425.pdf.jpg201316-May-2013Total OH reactivity measurements at the biosphere-atmosphere interfaceNölscher, Anke Christine
100003134.pdf.jpg201925-Oct-2019Toward nanoscale reactivity mapping under electro-catalytic reaction conditions : Plasmon-enhanced vibrational spectroscopy of the electrochemical gold oxidation and gold oxide reductionPfisterer, Jonas H. K.
toward_understanding_bacteria-20220404133437333.pdf.jpg202212-Apr-2022Toward Understanding Bacterial Ice Nucleation - Interface-specific nonlinear spectroscopy used to unravel the working mechanisms of bacterial ice nucleation proteinsLukas, Max
3342.pdf.jpg20131-Feb-2013Transport of nanoparticles into polymersomes : a minimal model system of particles passage through biological membranesJaskiewicz, Karmena Izabela
100001842.pdf.jpg201825-Jan-2018A tumor invasion model for heterogeneous cancer cell populations : mathematical analysis and numerical methodsKolbe, Niklas
100001889.pdf.jpg201831-Jan-2018Tuning mechanical properties of hydrogelsUstahüseyin, Oya
3011.pdf.jpg201213-Feb-2012Uptake mechanism, intracellular trafficking and endo-lysosomal pH monitoring of polystyrene nanoparticlesLerch, Simone