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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
3473.pdf.jpg201311-Jul-2013Kinetische Studien zur OH-Bildung über die Reaktionen von HO 2 mit organischen PeroxyradikalenGroß, Christoph Benedikt Maria
3230.pdf.jpg201228-Sep-2012Kontrolle der Grenzflächeneigenschaften anorganischer Nanopartikel mittels amphiphiler PolymereGeidel, Christian
könemann_tobias-laboratory_and-20200803173824644.pdf.jpg202017-Aug-2020Laboratory and field characterization of a new online instrument for analysis of single bioaerosol particle fluorescence spectraKönemann, Tobias
light_programmable_communicat-20221110144940776.pdf.jpg202217-Nov-2022Light programmable communication and consortia of minimal synthetic cellsSentürk, Oya Ilke
2987.pdf.jpg20129-Jan-2012Light-sensitive polymeric nanoparticles based on photo-cleavable chromophoresKlinger, Daniel
mechanisms_of_reversible_unde-20230723155201747.pdf.jpg20231-Aug-2023Mechanisms of reversible underwater adhesion in ladybug beetlesSudersan, Pranav
3208.pdf.jpg201224-Aug-2012Microemulsion: prediction of the phase diagram with a modified Helfrich free energyParoor, Harsha Mohan
3456.pdf.jpg201320-Jun-2013Microscopic and spectroscopic analysis of biogenic aerosolsPöhlker, Christopher
100000394.pdf.jpg201625-Apr-2016Modelling of magma dynamics from the mantle to the surfaceLehmann, Ragnar
3523.pdf.jpg201327-Sep-2013Morphology control in metallocene-catalyzed polyolefin synthesisJoe, Daejune
100002079.pdf.jpg201810-Jul-2018Multifunctional liposomes: Microscale formulation, modification and in vitro interactionFritz, Thomas
100000584.pdf.jpg201622-Jul-2016Multiphase kinetics of molecular diffusion, phase transitions and chemical reactions in liquid, semi-solid and glassy organic aerosolsBerkemeier, Thomas
multiscale_modeling_and_deep_-20220819094012393.pdf.jpg202222-Sep-2022Multiscale modeling and deep learning: reverse-mapping of condensed-phase molecular structuresStieffenhofer, Marc
3722.pdf.jpg201416-Apr-2014Na +-coupled betaine symporters involved in osmotic stress response in prokaryotes and eukaryotesSchweikhard, Eva Sabine
3149.pdf.jpg201218-Jun-2012Nanopartikel und Nanokapseln als potentielle Wirkstofftransportsysteme : zelluläre Aufnahme in Leukozyten in peripherem Vollblut und in ZellkulturBaumann, Daniela Kathrin
nitrogen_oxides_and_their_inv-20230707143435925.pdf.jpg202320-Jul-2023Nitrogen oxides and their involvement in photochemical processes throughout the troposphereNussbaumer, Clara Maria
nontargeted_chromatographic_h-20220912120804352.pdf.jpg202220-Oct-2022Non-targeted chromatographic high-resolution mass spectrometric analysis of biological and medical matrices with emphasis on the classification of fungal sporesHoffmann, Thorsten; Thines, Eckhard; Huesmann, Regina
3860.pdf.jpg201420-Oct-2014Novel algorithms for electronic structure based molecular dynamics with linear system-size scalingRichters, Dorothee
3166.pdf.jpg201220-Jul-2012Ortsgerichtete Modifikationen von Somatostatin-14 zur Darstellung von maßgeschneiderten BiohybridkonjugatenPfisterer, Anne
3796.pdf.jpg201417-Sep-2014Paleoclimate reconstruction using LA-ICP-MS analyses of ostracods and stalagmiteYang, Qichao