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tandem_communication_improves-20220624144117090.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022Tandem communication improves ant foraging success in a highly competitive tropical habitatGlaser, Simone Monika; Feitosa, Rodrigo Machado; Koch, A.; Goß, N.; Nascimento, Fabio Santos do; Grüter, Christoph
19.pdf.jpg20001-Jan-2000Tandem repetitive DNA: Stabilität und Wirkung auf die Genexpression im transgenen SystemSchrank, Ralf
targeted_ngs_for_species_leve-20220925155939139.pdf.jpg201713-Oct-2022Targeted NGS for species level phylogenomics : “made to measure” or “one size fits all”?Kadlec, Malvina; Bellstedt, Dirk U.; Le Maitre, Nicholas C.; Pirie, Michael
4191.pdf.jpg201510-Nov-2015Targeting neuronal populations by AAV-mediated gene transfer for studying the endocannabinoid systemGuggenhuber, Stephan
100002788.pdf.jpg201920-May-2019Targeting the Tumor Vasculature with an Engineered Cystine-Knot Miniprotein Applying an Optimized Phage Display Discovery PlatformLui, Bonny Gaby
58668.pdf.jpg201827-Nov-2018A taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Cremastosperma (Annonaceae), including five new speciesPirie, Michael; Chatrou, Lars W.; Maas, Paul J. M.
4123.pdf.jpg201529-Jul-2015TBX3-Mutationsanalysen und Konstruktion einer Zelllinie für TBX2-InhibitorscreeningsFischer, Kathrin
wagner_tina-telomere_foldi-20200724084715015.pdf.jpg202029-Jul-2020Telomere folding in S. cerevisiae depends on chromatin modifiers and recombination factors and is lost during replicative senescenceWagner, Tina
testesspecific_hemoglobins_in-20220612162942177.pdf.jpg201214-Jun-2022Testes-specific hemoglobins in drosophila evolved by a combination of sub- and neofunctionalization after gene duplicationGleixner, Eva; Herlyn, Holger; Zimmerling, Stefan; Burmester, Thorsten; Hankeln, Thomas
950.pdf.jpg200624-Feb-2006Tetracycline-inducible RNAi Knockdown of SCL (Stem Cell Leukaemia) in MiceGriffin, Louise J.
penner_inessa-the_impact_of_-20210809130318204.pdf.jpg202117-Aug-2021The impact of a human cytomegalovirus subviral particle vaccine on the host cell proteome and on virus replicationPenner, Inessa
20195-Aug-2019The imprinted mouse Kcnk9 gene - Expression analysis in specific brain regions and phenotypic analysis of knockout mice = Das geprägte Kcnk9-Gen der Maus - Expressionsanalyse in spezifischen Hirnregionen und phänotypische Analyse von Knockout-MäusenCooper, Alexis
1495.pdf.jpg200719-Dec-2007The role of EBI-3 in a murine model of lung metastases of melanomaSauer, Kerstin Annika
100002008.pdf.jpg201824-May-2018Therapeutic anti-TNFα antibodies differentially affect Leishmania infection of primary human macrophagesArens, Katharina
2101.pdf.jpg20097-Oct-2009Therapeutic vaccination for chronic hepatitis B in the Trimera mouse modelVuyyuru, Raja Sekhar Reddy
4152.pdf.jpg201528-Aug-2015Three-dimensional electron microscopy of myriapod hemocyanin, planorbid snail acetylcholine-binding protein and cyanobacterial Vipp1Saur, Michael
perera_cecilia_maria-tierexperiment-20201202000507284.pdf.jpg20207-Dec-2020Tierexperimentelle Untersuchungen zu Auslösefaktoren der Thrombotisch-thrombozytopenischen Purpura (TTP)Perera, Cecilia Maria
3783.pdf.jpg201416-Jul-2014Tissue engineering strategies for biomaterial-based anticancer drug delivery and enhancement of angiogenesis in tumor-resected boneBischoff, Iris
tissuedependent_differences_i-20220520110231092.pdf.jpg202020-May-2022Tissue-dependent differences in Bardet–Biedl syndrome gene expressionPatnaik, Sarita Rani; Farag, Aalaa; Brücker, Lena; Volz, Ann-Kathrin; Schneider, Sandra; Kretschmer, Viola; May-Simera, Helen Louise
479.pdf.jpg20041-Jan-2004Tolerance and immunity to human tumor-associated antigensLotz, Carina