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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
416.pdf.jpg20031-Jan-2003Farbkonstanz und Farbkontrast eine Untersuchung mit Hilfe der farbigen SchattenKallmann, Anatol Julian
feces_production_as_a_form_of-20220512091658363.pdf.jpg201512-May-2022Feces production as a form of social immunity in an insect with facultative maternal careDiehl, Janina M. C.; Körner, Maximilian; Pietsch, Michael; Meunier, Joël
teggers_eva-maria-fecundity_dete-20210913091251398.pdf.jpg202113-Sep-2021Fecundity determines the outcome of founding queen associations in antsTeggers, Eva-Maria; Deegener, Falk; Libbrecht, Romain
2785.pdf.jpg20118-Jun-2011Flagellin : allergen fusion proteins as novel vaccines for the treatment of severe type I allergiesSchülke, Stefan
2276.pdf.jpg201026-May-2010Flut und Hitze: Auswirkungen extremer Klimaereignisse auf die epigäische Arthropodenfauna (Araneae – Spinnen) ufernaher Lebensräume (Auen, Polder) des Inselrheins bei MainzGuhmann, Patrick
100000033.pdf.jpg201610-Jan-2016Folding and assembly of the major light-harvesting chlorophyll protein (LHCII) of the photosynthetic apparatus in plants : the chlorophyll a - containing intermediateJiang, Lei
tianfei_peng-foraging_in_eu-20200930211200944.pdf.jpg202223-Feb-2022Foraging in Eusocial Bees : Role of Biogenic Amine Signalling and Reward PerceptionPeng, Tianfei
2063.pdf.jpg200924-Aug-2009Forensisch relevante SNP-Genotypisierung mittels elektronischer Microarray-TechnologieBalogh, Marta Kinga
639.pdf.jpg20043-Dec-2004Forstentomologische Untersuchungen an Eichen unterschiedlicher Vitalität des PfälzerwaldesLeither, Elke
freund_oder_feind?__die_zwei_-20220624121853281.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022Freund oder Feind? - Die zwei Gesichter von Photorhabdus luminescensDominelli, Nazzareno; Heermann, Ralf
3970.pdf.jpg201528-Jan-2015From anionic polymerization in continuous flow to macromolecular architectures and stimuli-responsive surfacesTonhauser, Christoph
andreani_tommaso-from_dna_seque-20210323164932284.pdf.jpg202129-Mar-2021From DNA sequences to cell types by detecting regulatory genomic regions in sequencing dataAndreani, Tommaso
1471.pdf.jpg200726-Nov-2007From lipid bilayers to synaptic vesicles: atomic force microscopy on lipid-based systemsAwizio, Ann-Katrin
1348.pdf.jpg200731-Jul-2007Frugivores, seed dispersal and tree regeneration along a human disturbance gradient in East African tropical rainforestsKirika, Jasper Mbae
functional_and_biochemical_an-20221127155327070.pdf.jpg202215-Dec-2022Functional and biochemical analysis of non-proteasomal ubiquitin and SUMO signallingTröster, Vera
functional_basis_of_the_fecun-20220516112442458.pdf.jpg202225-May-2022Functional basis of the fecundity-longevity reversal in the ant Temnothorax rugatulusChoppin, Marina
3184.pdf.jpg201224-Jul-2012Functional characterisation of in vitro synthesised G-protein coupled receptors in polymersomesMay, Sylvia
2107.pdf.jpg200928-Oct-2009Functional characterization of modified vaccinia virus Ankara-encoded anti-apoptotic proteinsLantermann, Markus
krick_niklas-functional_sep-20201110125116731.pdf.jpg202010-Nov-2020Functional separation of two distinct voltage gated calcium channels at the presynaptic terminal of Drosophila larval crawling motoneuronsKrick, Niklas
functionalization_of_nanocarr-20220526094519242.pdf.jpg202223-Jun-2022Functionalization of nanocarriers with antibodies and their ability of targeting dendritic cells in vitro and in vivoMailänder, Volker; Brückner, Maximilian Bernhard