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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
100002860.pdf.jpg20199-Jul-2019Complement Receptor 3 and its role in the interaction of primary human macrophages with apoptotic Leishmania major promastigotesSchille, Stefan Albrecht
ostermaier_matthias-a_comprehensiv-20211014165422192.pdf.jpg20228-Mar-2022A comprehensive analysis of the DNA damage response by mass spectrometry-based proteomicsOstermaier, Matthias
1267.pdf.jpg200712-Feb-2007Computation of direction selectivity in retinal starburst amacrine cell dendrites – studied using electrophysiological recordings and two-photon imagingHausselt, Susanne
100002371.pdf.jpg20188-Nov-2018Computational analysis of bioaerosol : the analysis of molecular genetic datasets in context of environmental factorsPickersgill, Daniel Andrew
conditiondependent_tradeoff_b-20220712201128925.pdf.jpg201713-Jul-2022Condition-dependent trade-off between weapon size and immunity in males of the European earwigKörner, Maximilian; Vogelweith, Fanny; Foitzik, Susanne; Meunier, Joël
1408.pdf.jpg20079-Oct-2007Conditional and transgenic mouse models as tools to study the role of TGFbeta, BMP signaling in skeletal developmentKeller, Bettina
brahmer_alexandra-considerations-20210202105610818.pdf.jpg20204-Feb-2021Considerations for the analysis of small extracellular vesicles in physical exerciceBrahmer, Alexandra; Neuberger, Elmo W. I.; Simon, Perikles; Krämer-Albers, Eva-Maria
2147.pdf.jpg200910-Dec-2009Control of protein degradation pathways by BAG proteins and changes during agingGamerdinger, Martin
correcting_for_the_study_bias-20220612170336783.pdf.jpg201520-Jun-2022Correcting for the study bias associated with protein-protein interaction measurements reveals differences between protein degree distributions from different cancer typesSchaefer, Martin H.; Serrano, Luis; Andrade, Miguel
100001308.pdf.jpg201717-May-2017Cortical hyperactivity beyond immune attack : pivotal role of TNF-alpha in early Multiple SclerosisPramanik, Gautam Kumar
crematoenones__a_novel_substa-20220614091310310.pdf.jpg201314-Jun-2022Crematoenones - a novel substance class exhibited by ants functions as appeasement signalMenzel, Florian; Blüthgen, Nico; Tolasch, Till; Conrad, Jürgen; Beifuß, Uwe; Beuerle, Till; Schmitt, Thomas
hartke_juliane-cryptic_specie-20200820100140926.pdf.jpg202310-Mar-2023Cryptic species divergence and the evolution of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles in parabiotic antsHartke, Juliane
crystallization_and_prelimina-20220512085405265.pdf.jpg201212-May-2022Crystallization and preliminary analysis of crystals of the24-meric hemocyanin of the emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator)Jaenicke, Elmar; Pairet, Bruno; Hartmann, Hermann; Decker, Heinz
the_cytoplasmic_pasc_domain_o-20220913190457637.pdf.jpg201314-Sep-2022The cytoplasmic PASC domain of the sensor kinase DcuS of Escherichia coli : role in signal transduction, dimer formation, and DctA interactionMonzel, Christian; Degreif-Dünnwald, Pia; Gröpper, Christina; Griesinger, Christian; Unden, Gottfried
cytotoxicity_of_the_sesquiter-20220925164201931.pdf.jpg201517-Oct-2022Cytotoxicity of the sesquiterpene lactones neoambrosin and damsin from ambrosia maritima against multidrug-resistant cancer cellsSaaed, Mohamed; Jacob, Stefan; Sandjo, Louis P.; Sugimoto, Yoshikazu; Khalid, Hassan E.; Opatz, Till; Thines, Eckhard; Efferth, Thomas
100002627.pdf.jpg201912-Feb-2019Decoding a cancer-relevant splicing decision in the RON proto-oncogene using high-throughput mutagenesisBraun, Simon
decoding_splicing_regulatory_-20220126153950129.pdf.jpg20228-Feb-2022Decoding splicing regulatory networks in cancer-relevant genesCortés López, Mariela
58082.pdf.jpg201811-Apr-2018Decoupling of DNA methylation status and gene expression levels in aging individualsWierczeiko, Anna; Fournier, David; Todorov, Hristo; Klingenberg, Susanne; Endres, Kristina; Gerber, Susanne
3468.pdf.jpg201310-Jul-2013Demography in eusocial HymenopteraKramer, Boris Hendrik
1138.pdf.jpg200619-Sep-2006Detailed analyses of mutations affecting structural formation of neuromuscular synapses in Drosophila melanogasterLone, Mohiddin