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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
p2xreceptor_antagonists_inhib-20220925164739133.pdf.jpg201717-Oct-2022P2X-receptor antagonists inhibit the interaction of S. aureus hemolysin A with membranesSchwiering, Markus; Husmann, Matthias; Hellmann, Nadja
270.pdf.jpg20021-Jan-2002Der PAC1-RezeptorBuro, Corinna
2856.pdf.jpg201116-Aug-2011Palaeo wind system reconstruction of the last glacial period over Europe, using high resolution proxy data and model-data-comparisonDietrich, Stephan
budsky_alexander-palaeoclimate_-20201002135634686.pdf.jpg202014-Oct-2020Palaeoclimate reconstruction of the last 200 ka in south-eastern Spain, based on proxies of speleothems from Cueva VictoriaScholz, Denis; Budsky, Alexander
3912.pdf.jpg201428-Nov-2014Palaeotsunami imprints in the near-coast sedimentary records of the Gulfs of Lakonia and Argolis (Peloponnese, Greece)Ntageretzis, Konstantin
1319.pdf.jpg200719-Jun-2007Palynologie und Sedimentologie der Interglazialprofile Döttingen, Bonstorf, Munster und BilshausenDiehl, Markus
parafluorination_of_anilides_-20230202092240193.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Para-fluorination of anilides using electrochemically generated hypervalent iodoarenesBerger, Michael; Lenhard, Marola S.; Waldvogel, Siegfried R.
1373.pdf.jpg200728-Aug-2007Partial melting within the lower crust – Constraints from bulk rock geochemical data and trace element mineral analyses of granulites and migmatites from Central FinlandNehring, Franziska
4087.pdf.jpg20152-Jul-2015Particles with tunable functionality by a nonaqueous emulsion polymerization approachDorresteijn, Robert
past_fire_dynamics_inferred_f-20230808144256830.pdf.jpg20238-Aug-2023Past fire dynamics inferred from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and monosaccharide anhydrides in a stalagmite from the archaeological site of Mayapan, MexicoHomann, Julia; Karbach, Niklas; Carolin, Stacy A.; James, Daniel H.; Hodell, David; Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M.; Kwiecien, Ola; Brenner, Mark; Lope, Carlos Peraza; Hoffmann, Thorsten
1719.pdf.jpg20083-Sep-2008Patterning of tethered bilayer lipid membranesJung, Mathieu
2760.pdf.jpg201128-Apr-2011Patterns in and kinetics of phase separation in binary mixturesSam, Ebie M.
2282.pdf.jpg201031-May-2010Pedoökologie und Ressourcenmanagement des Teeanbaus in RwandaBiele, Eva
100001326.pdf.jpg201726-May-2017Peptoplexes as artificial viruses for nucleic acid vaccine deliveryHeller, Philipp
2018.pdf.jpg200929-Jun-2009Perfluorinated compounds in environmental matrices of Lake Victoria GulfOrata, Francis
100000939.pdf.jpg201713-Jan-2017Performance testing of medicated chewing gums with the goal of establishing in vitro in vivo correlationGajendran, Jayachandar
peroxodicarbonate_as_a_green_-20230724152857033.pdf.jpg20233-Aug-2023Peroxodicarbonate as a green oxidizer for the selective degradation of Kraft lignin into vanillinZirbes, Michael; Graßl, Tobias; Neuber, Rieke; Waldvogel, Siegfried R.
1376.pdf.jpg200728-Aug-2007Petrogenesis of dunite, wehrlite and websterite xenoliths from Kimberley, South Africa: Origin as mantle peridotites of cumulatesRehfeldt, Tatjana
litvinenko_andrey_k.-petrogenesis_o-20200708125629320.pdf.jpg202010-Jul-2020Petrogenesis of the Snezhnoe ruby deposit, Central PamirLitvinenko, Andrey K.; Sorokina, Elena S.; Häger, Tobias; Kostitsyn, Yuri A.; Botcharnikov, Roman E.; Somsikova, Alina V.; Ludwig, Thomas; Romashova, Tatiana V.; Hofmeister, Wolfgang
1847.pdf.jpg200823-Dec-2008Petrogenetic evolution of Uralian-Alaskan-type mafic-ultramafic complexes in the southern and middle Urals, RussiaKrause, Joachim