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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
100000950.pdf.jpg201720-Jan-2017Fabrication and manipulation of non-wetting surfaces and drops : from super liquid-repellency and the Leidenfrost effect to liquid marblesPaven, Maxime
100000912.pdf.jpg201622-Dec-2016Fabrication of two-dimensional polymers and two-dimensional materialsPfeffermann, Martin Gerhard Christian
3958.pdf.jpg201512-Jan-2015Faltung, Assemblierung und Stabilisierung des Transmembranproteins Cytochrom b 6Tome, Lydia
1135.pdf.jpg200614-Aug-2006Farbe und Funktion neuer Molekülarchitekturen auf Rylencarbonsäureimid-BasisMüller, Sibylle
4237.pdf.jpg201517-Dec-2015FaSSIF-C, a Cholesterol containing biorelevant intestinal model medium for development and test of oral drug formulationsKhoshakhlagh, Pooneh
a_fast_and_sustainable_route_-20230127130056886.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023A fast and sustainable route to bassanite nanocrystals from gypsumMaslyk, Marcel; Dallos, Zsolt; Koziol, Martha; Seiffert, Sebastian; Hieke, Tim; Petrovic, Katharina; Kolb, Ute; Mondeshki, Mihail; Tremel, Wolfgang
lange_martin_alexander-fast_solid-sta-20210629093852443.pdf.jpg202118-Aug-2021FAST solid-state synthesis on a minute scaleLange, Martin Alexander
100000532.pdf.jpg201621-Jun-2016The fate of human decomposition products in soilsLühe, Barbara von der
adams_christel_kathrine_herta-faziesuntersuc-20200810152245948.pdf.jpg202126-Jan-2021Faziesuntersuchungen an tertiären und quartären Sedimenten der Bohrung Garding-2Adams, Christel Kathrine Herta
fürmeyer_fabian-fe(ii)_and_co(-20201105175032155.pdf.jpg20206-Nov-2020Fe(II) and Co(II) Spin Crossover Complexes using 1,3,4 Thiadiazole Bridging LigandsFürmeyer, Fabian
feedback_and_communication_in-20221014171948080.pdf.jpg20218-Nov-2022Feedback and communication in active hydrogel spheres with pH fronts : facile approaches to grow soft hydrogel structuresMaity, Indrajit; Sharma, Charu; Lossada, Francisco; Walther, Andreas
100002179.pdf.jpg20185-Aug-2018Ferrocene as redox-functional group in N,N'-disubstituted (thio)ureas and sulfite oxidase mimicking molybdenum complexesHanauer, Kristina
100000940.pdf.jpg201715-Jan-2017Ferrocene-phenol conjugates – secondary structures and reactivityNeidlinger, Andreas
veit_philipp-ferrocenyl_car-20201120115318755.pdf.jpg20209-Dec-2020Ferrocenyl Carbenes as Redox-Switchable Ligands in Gold Catalysis - Synthesis, Redox-Behaviour and Elucidation of Side ReactionsVeit, Philipp
167.pdf.jpg20011-Jan-2001Ferroelektrische Netzwerksynthese und ihre CharakterisierungTolksdorf, Christian
262.pdf.jpg20021-Jan-2002Festkörper-NMR-SpektroskopieWind, Michael
38.pdf.jpg20001-Jan-2000Festkörperunterstützte Lipid-Modellmembranen auf Gold zur Rekonstitution von MembranproteinenWieder, Herbert
rentschler_eva-filling_the_ga-20210607171834732.pdf.jpg202125-Jun-2021Filling the gap in the metallacrown family : the 9-MC-3 chromium metallacrownLüpke, Anne; Carrella, Luca M.; Rentschler, Eva
748.pdf.jpg200510-May-2005Finite-strain analysis in orthogneiss of the Gran Paradiso massif, Western Alps, ItalyKassem, Osama Mohamed Kaoud
4099.pdf.jpg20158-Jul-2015First contact imaging of nanoparticular siRNA – From synthesis to application of a prodye conceptOsman Oglou, Okan