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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
1699.pdf.jpg200813-Aug-2008C 3-symmetric discotic liquid crystalline materials for molecular electronics: versatile synthesis and self-organizationFeng, Xinliang
2897.pdf.jpg201114-Oct-2011The calcite(10-14) surface: a versatile substrate for molecular self-assemblyRahe, Philipp Alexander
3613.pdf.jpg20147-Jan-2014Calibration study of bivalve shells : implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructionYan, Lina
1194.pdf.jpg200613-Dec-2006Calix[4]arenes in the 1, 3-alternate conformationDordea, Crenguta
carbanionic_polymerisation_of-20220102175415784.pdf.jpg202211-Jan-2022Carbanionic Polymerisation of 2-Vinylpyridine Influence of Comonomers and Polymer ArchitecturesFickenscher, Marcel
100001011.pdf.jpg201722-Feb-2017Carbohydrate nanocarriers in biomedical application : construction and surface modificationKang, Biao
wang_nijing-carbonyl_compo-20210203164413476.pdf.jpg202230-Mar-2022Carbonyl compounds and their OH reactivities in outdoor and indoor environmentsWang, Nijing
malm_christian-catalyst_subst-20201112075855888.pdf.jpg202026-Nov-2020Catalyst Substrate Interaction of Organo Phosphate Brønsted Acid Catalysts with IminesMalm, Christian
100002720.pdf.jpg201910-Apr-2019Catalytically Active Enzyme-Based Nanoparticles for Cellular ModulationRadi, Lydia
schechtel_eugen-catechol-funct-20210630225253987.pdf.jpg20211-Sep-2021Catechol-Functionalized TiO2 Nanoparticles: From Fundamental Surface Chemistry to Promising ApplicationsSchechtel, Eugen
cdsebasierte_nanopartikelsyst-20220425151502937.pdf.jpg20223-May-2022CdSe-basierte Nanopartikelsysteme für spektroskopische Untersuchungen von EnergietransferprozessenMeyer, Lars-Arne
640.pdf.jpg200513-Jan-2005Cellulose based Lithium ion polymer electrolytes for Lithium batteriesChelmecki, Marcin
chamber_and_field_studies_on_-20220530144925589.pdf.jpg202223-Jun-2022Chamber and field studies on NO3 reactivity and the detection of alkyl nitrates during the NO3-induced oxidation of isoprene and terpenesDewald, Patrick
873.pdf.jpg200524-Oct-2005Characterisation of supramolecular structures by novel recoupling methods in solid-state NMRHoffmann, Anke
170.pdf.jpg20011-Jan-2001Characterisation of the cell-transistor couplingIngebrandt, Sven
characterization_and_modifica-20220318065543089.pdf.jpg202230-Mar-2022Characterization and modification of a buffer-gas-cell for rapid extraction of short-lived isotopes for use in gas-phase chemistry experiments at TASCADüllmann, Prof. Christoph E.; Götz, Stefan Alexander William
2539.pdf.jpg201017-Dec-2010Characterization of structure and dynamics of submicrometric systems via fluorescence correlation spectroscopyRaccis, Riccardo
964.pdf.jpg200620-Mar-2006Characterization of igneous terranes by zircon dating: implications for the UHP relicts occurrences and suture identification in the Central Rhodope, Northern GreeceTurpaud, Philippe
1328.pdf.jpg20079-Jul-2007Characterization of inclusions and their distribution in natural and artificial samples by synchrotron cryo-micro-tomography (SCXRT)Miedaner, Markus Maria
3264.pdf.jpg20128-Nov-2012Charakterisierung antiker Keramik und ihrer Herstellungstechniken mit mineralogischen Methoden am Beispiel Mayener GebrauchskeramikXu, Wenxing