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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
3979.pdf.jpg20155-Mar-2015Investigation of acceptor dopants in ZrNiSn half-Heusler materialsSchmitt, Jennifer
100001847.pdf.jpg201825-Jan-2018Investigation of atmospheric aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei under pristine and polluted conditionsPöhlker, Mira
100000805.pdf.jpg201618-Nov-2016Investigation of day- and night-time NOx/VOCs coupling using thermal dissociation cavity ring-down spectroscopySobanski, Nicolas Jean
3325.pdf.jpg201310-Jan-2013Investigation of different shellac grades and improvement of release from air suspension coated pelletsOsman, Zuheir
870.pdf.jpg20057-Oct-2005Investigation of essential and toxic heavy metal species in biological samples by means of one and 2-dimensional chromatography coupled to ICP-MSLoreti, Valeria
100001464.pdf.jpg201722-Aug-2017Investigation of oxygenated and intermediate volatility organic compounds (OVOCs/IVOCs) with a Proton Transfer Reaction - Time Of Flight - Mass Spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS)Derstroff, Bettina
investigation_of_subgranular_-20240205160645709.pdf.jpg202415-Feb-2024Investigation of sub-granular dynamics in halide perovskites via atomic force microscopyWeber, Stefan; Yalcinkaya, Mehmet Yenal
2181.pdf.jpg20109-Feb-2010Investigation of the dipole response of nickel isotopes in the presence of a high-frequency electromagnetic fieldRossi, Dominic M.
2680.pdf.jpg201115-Feb-2011Investigation of the electric field enhanced PNA-DNA hybridization on Au surface by using surface plasmon field-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy (SPFS)Jeon, Hyunpyo
2852.pdf.jpg20118-Aug-2011Investigation of the lithium ion mobility in cyclic model compounds and their ion conducting propertiesThielen, Jörg
3544.pdf.jpg201330-Oct-2013Investigations into the effect of nucleoside modifications on the physicochemical properties and biological function of DNA and RNADomingo, Olwen Charlotte
525.pdf.jpg20041-Jan-2004Investigations of cooperative interactions in template induced crystallization processes and kinetic studies of nucleation and growth by small- angle neutron scatteringBalz, Mathias
4242.pdf.jpg201518-Dec-2015Investigations on DNA methylation by Dnmt2 and impact of tRNA modifications on TLR7 stimulationKaiser, Steffen
965.pdf.jpg200617-Mar-2006Investigations on maar-diatreme volcanoes by inversion of magnetic and gravity data from the Eifel area, GermanySebazungu, Evariste
an_iodidemediated_anodic_amid-20230127164725437.pdf.jpg202227-Jan-2023An iodide-mediated anodic amide couplingGroßmann, Luca Marius; Beier, Vera; Duttenhofer, Lea; Lennartz, Laura; Opatz, Till
1810.pdf.jpg20085-Dec-2008Iodine speciation in atmospheric aerosols in the marine boundary layerLai, Senchao
1989.pdf.jpg20097-May-2009Ionenleitfähigkeit in polymeren Matrizes – Synthese, Charakterisierung und Untersuchung dynamischer Prozesse von neuen Lithium- und ProtonenleiternBritz, Jochen
3075.pdf.jpg201228-Mar-2012Ionic liquids in a multiscale studyWendler, Katharina
478.pdf.jpg20031-Jan-2003Ionomere zum Aufbau funktioneller OberflächenMruk, Ralf
100002256.pdf.jpg201831-Aug-2018Iron complexes with triazole-based ligand: extend the SCO molecule to high dimensional materialsLi, Ai-Min