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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
3973.pdf.jpg201529-Jan-2015Synthesis of polyphenylene cylinders with different sizes and connectivity patterns as well as study of their linear congenersGolling, Florian Ernst
synthesis_of_reactive_polyeth-20220924165832286.pdf.jpg202224-Oct-2022Synthesis of reactive polyether copolymersMaciol, Kamil Norbert
synthesis_of_various_metal_ox-20211222222941420.pdf.jpg202210-Feb-2022Synthesis of Various Metal Oxides by Different Synthetic MethodsTremel, Wolfgang; Sarif, Massih Ahmad
1389.pdf.jpg200710-Sep-2007Synthesis, characterization and chemical modification of a cationic polyelectrolyte poly(methylene amine)Kundu, Nihar Ranjan
100001478.pdf.jpg201729-Aug-2017Synthesis, characterization and modification of hyperbranched polyether polyol copolymersSeiwert, Jan
100000837.pdf.jpg20161-Dec-2016Synthesis, characterization and single particle spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum dots and quantum dot oligomersHu, Nan
100000583.pdf.jpg201621-Jul-2016Synthesis, evaluation and structural analysis of new ligands for the integrin alpha v beta 6 for PET imaging of liver fibrosisKühle, Berit
4016.pdf.jpg201520-Apr-2015Synthesis, properties and application of polyphenylene phosphonium saltsMoritz, Ralf
synthesis_purification_and_te-20220309123046269.pdf.jpg20221-Apr-2022Synthesis, purification and testing of point-modified messenger RNAHertler, Jasmin
100003055.pdf.jpg201913-Aug-2019Synthesis, radiolabeling and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of different chelator systems with 44Sc, 64Cu, 68Ga and 177LuGreifenstein, Lukas Nikolaus
synthesis_thermal_and_optical-20220531091843100.pdf.jpg201931-May-2022Synthesis, thermal, and optical properties of tris(5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-1,3,5-triazines, new star-shaped fluorescent discotic liquid crystalsTober, Natalie; Rieth, Thorsten; Lehmann, Matthias; Detert, Heiner
synthesis_topology_and_photoe-20221208181141267.pdf.jpg20237-Feb-2023Synthesis, topology, and photoexcited dynamics of amino acid-derived gold nanoparticlesBaez, Ricardo
synthesis_topology_and_photoe-20220329210908732.pdf.jpg20223-May-2022Synthesis, topology, and photoexcited dynamics of amino acid-derived gold nanoparticlesBaez, Ricardo
synthetic_approaches_to_the_l-20220924203427671.pdf.jpg20146-Oct-2022Synthetic approaches to the lamellarins : a comprehensive reviewImbri, Dennis; Tauber, Johannes; Opatz, Till
3247.pdf.jpg201231-Oct-2012Synthetic routes toward functional block copolymers and bioconjugates via RAFT polymerizationWiss, Kerstin T.
1013.pdf.jpg200616-Jun-2006Synthetical engineering of supramolecular properties of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsWasserfallen, Daniel
1857.pdf.jpg200912-Jan-2009Synthetische Glycopeptide mit Sulfatyl-Lewis X-Struktur als potenzielle Inhibitoren der ZelladhäsionGutjahr, Tobias
100000986.pdf.jpg20176-Feb-2017Die syrische Gesellschaft in den Filmen von Omar AmiralayIzzo, Ahmad
3446.pdf.jpg20136-Jun-2013Systematic functionalization of molecules for molecular self-assemblyHauke, Christopher Moritz
markwart_jens_christian-systematically-20210204183541858.pdf.jpg202122-Mar-2021Systematically Controlled Decomposition Mechanism in Phosphorus Containing Polymers by Precise Molecular ArchitectureMarkwart, Jens Christian