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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
2112.pdf.jpg200926-Oct-2009Pore structure and column efficiency of silica monoliths in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)Skudas, Romas
54505.pdf.jpg20162-Aug-2016Porosity and permeability determination of organic-rich Posidonia shales based on 3-D analyses by FIB-SEM microscopyGrathoff, Georg H.; Peltz, Markus; Enzmann, Frieder; Kaufhold, Stephan
958.pdf.jpg200622-Feb-2006Post- transkriptionelle Regulation der Expression der humanen induzierbaren NO-SynthaseLinker, Katrin
58982.pdf.jpg201927-Feb-2019Post-mortem alteration of diet-related enamel surface textures through artificial biostratinomy : a tumbling experiment using mammal teethBöhm, Katrin; Winkler, Daniela; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tütken, Thomas
postmortem_enamel_surface_tex-20221026142323863.pdf.jpg202210-Nov-2022Post-mortem enamel surface texture alteration during taphonomic processes : do experimental approaches reflect natural phenomena?Weber, Katrin; Winkler, Daniela E.; Schulz-Kornas, Ellen; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tütken, Thomas
1422.pdf.jpg200723-Oct-2007The potential of the human kidney cell line, Caki-1, as an in vitro screening system for drug interactions with organic cation transportersGlube, Natalie
practical_strategies_for_stab-20220913195146116.pdf.jpg201314-Sep-2022Practical strategies for stable operation of HFF-QCM in continuous air flowWessels, Alexander; Klöckner, Bernhard; Siering, Carsten; Waldvogel, Siegfried R.
826.pdf.jpg200522-Aug-2005The pre-alpine evolution of the basement of the Pelagonian Zone and the Vardar Zone, GreeceAnders, Birte
preinstrumental_summer_precip-20220426114519872.pdf.jpg202126-Apr-2022Pre-instrumental summer precipitation variability in northwestern Greece from a high-elevation Pinus heldreichii networkEsper, Jan; Konter, Oliver; Klippel, Lara; Krusic, Paul J.; Büntgen, Ulf
prediction_of_cancer_drug_res-20220913190849926.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Prediction of cancer drug resistance and implications for personalized medicineVolm, Manfred; Efferth, Thomas
3955.pdf.jpg20159-Jan-2015Prediction of new crystal structures under extreme conditionsSchärf, Daniel
100002306.pdf.jpg201820-Sep-2018Preparation and interpretation of Kelvin probe force microscopy experiments on bulk insulatorsRomero Lairado, Francisco
3073.pdf.jpg201226-Mar-2012Preparation of cold Mg + ion clouds for sympathetic cooling of highly charged ions at SPECTRAPCazan, Radu Mircea
principles_guiding_im30-media-20220104081858439.pdf.jpg202219-Jan-2022Principles guiding IM30-mediated membrane remodelingSiebenaller, Carmen
3651.pdf.jpg20147-Feb-2014Process-based modelling of lichens and bryophytes and their role in global biogeochemical cyclesPorada, Philipp
772.pdf.jpg200513-Jun-2005Production, radiochemical separation and chemical coupling of radioactive arsenic isotopes to synthesize radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imagingJennewein, Marc
82.pdf.jpg20001-Jan-2000Produkte der solaren kosmischen Strahlung in MeteoritenPätsch, Matthias
37.pdf.jpg20001-Jan-2000Produktion, radiochemische Abtrennung und koordinative Kopplung von 90 Nb zur Synthese potentieller Radiopharmaka für die PositronenemissionstomographieBusse, Stefan
programmable_auxeticity_in_hy-20221020165325760.pdf.jpg202231-Oct-2022Programmable auxeticity in hydrogel metamaterials via shape-morphing unit cellsSkarsetz, Oliver; Slesarenko, Viacheslav; Walther, Andreas
protein_interactions_related_-20220908152202650.pdf.jpg20229-Sep-2022Protein interactions related to biological ice nucleation, allergies, and inflammationKunert, Anna Theresa