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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
werth_kai-packing_a_trun-20201014105145058.pdf.jpg20137-Oct-2020Packing a trunk : a physically based approach with full motional freedomWerth, Kai
parallel_and_scalable_shortre-20220712210247913.pdf.jpg201614-Jul-2022Parallel and scalable short-read alignment on multi-core clusters using UPC++González-Domínguez, Jorge; Liu, Yongchao; Schmidt, Bertil
57847.pdf.jpg20181-Feb-2018Parallelisierte Faktorisierung mit dem Quadratischen SiebHahn, Georg
1152.pdf.jpg200625-Oct-2006Parameterschätzung in Verzweigungsprozessen mit ImmigrationJahn, Patrick
1154.pdf.jpg200625-Oct-2006Parameterschätzung in zeitdiskreten ergodischen Markov-Prozessen am Beispiel des Cox-Ingersoll-Ross-ModellsHammer, Matthias
4106.pdf.jpg201513-Jul-2015Parity violating asymmetry in the electron deuteron quasielastic scattering, strange vector and axial vector form factors and beam normal spin asymmetriesBalaguer Rios, David
756.pdf.jpg20052-Jun-2005Partial reconstruction of the trajectories of a discretely observed branching diffusion with immigration and an application to inferenceBrandt, Christian
100002358.pdf.jpg201830-Oct-2018Partial wave analysis of eta meson photoproduction using fixed-t dispersion relationsNikonov, Kirill
100002563.pdf.jpg201924-Jan-2019Particle Identification with Calorimeters for the Measurement of the Rare Decay K⁺ → π⁺𝛎𝛎̅ at NA62Aliberti, Riccardo
particle_number_conservation_-20221114113030089.pdf.jpg202213-Dec-2022Particle number conservation and block structures in matrix product statesBachmayr, Markus; Götte, Michael; Pfeffer, Max
100003125.pdf.jpg201921-Oct-2019Particle Rate Studies and Technical Design Development for the P2 Silicon Pixel Tracking DetectorZimmermann, Marco
chatzidrosos_georgios-a_perfect_impe-20210922132844720.pdf.jpg202122-Sep-2021A perfect imperfection: Quantum magnetometry and applications using nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamondChatzidrosos, Georgios
3784.pdf.jpg201410-Jul-2014Periodic Higgs-de Rham flows and representations of algebraic fundamental groupsLan, Guitang
hieber_matthias-the_periodic_v-20210423144857793.pdf.jpg20207-May-2021The periodic version of the Da Prato–Grisvard theorem and applications to the bidomain equations with FitzHugh–Nagumo transportHieber, Matthias; Kajiwara, Naoto; Kress, Klaus; Tolksdorf, Patrick
3083.pdf.jpg201214-May-2012Periodicities in the Hodgkin-Huxley model and versions of this model with stochastic inputEndler, Kevin
100003116.pdf.jpg201913-Oct-2019Periodische Strukturen im invarianten Maß von stochastischen Hodgkin-Huxley-ProzessenKozuschek, Sandra Martina
the_perpot_simulated_anaerobi-20220915000055541.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022The PerPot simulated anaerobic threshold : a comparison to typical lactate-based thresholdsEndler, Stefan; Hoffmann, Sabine; Sterzing, Björn; Simon, Perikles; Pfeiffer, Mark
508.pdf.jpg20041-Jan-2004Persistent currents in quantum ringsHimmerich, Markus
perspective_on_unconventional-20230926102051234.pdf.jpg202326-Sep-2023Perspective on unconventional computing using magnetic skyrmionsLee, Oscar; Msiska, Robin; Brems, Maarten A.; Kläui, Mathias; Kurebayashi, Hidekazu; Everschor-Sitte, Karin
59199.pdf.jpg201820-Aug-2019Perspective: magnetic skyrmions-overview of recent progress in an active research fieldEverschor-Sitte, Karin; Masell, Jan; Reeve, Robert M.; Kläui, Mathias