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x-im30_idps_form-20210420093443760.pdf.jpg202023-Apr-2021IM30 IDPs form a membrane-protective carpet upon super-complex disassemblyJunglas, Benedikt; Orru, Roberto; Axt, Amelie; Siebenaller, Carmen; Steinchen, Wieland; Heidrich, Jennifer; Hellmich, Ute A.; Hellmann, Nadja; Wolf, Eva; Weber, Stefan A. L.; Schneider, Dirk
3942.pdf.jpg201418-Dec-2014Imaging spin-filter efficiency of W(001) and Ir(001) single crystalsKutnyakhov, Dmytro
lenz_till-imaging_topolo-20210428141507785.pdf.jpg202129-Apr-2021Imaging topological spin structures using light-polarization and magnetic microscopyLenz, Till; Chatzidrosos, Georgios; Wang, Zhiyuan; Bougas, Lykourgos; Dumeige, Yannick; Wickenbrock, Arne; Kerber, Nico; Zázvorka, Jakub; Kammerbauer, Fabian; Kläui, Mathias; Kazi, Zeeshawn; Fu, Kai-Mei C.; Itoh, Kohei M.; Watanabe, Hideyuki; Budker, Dmitry
3991.pdf.jpg201530-Mar-2015IMEX finite volume methods for the shallow water equationsBispen, Georgij
59424.pdf.jpg201920-Nov-2019Impact of electromagnetic fields and heat on spin transport signals in Y3Fe5O12Cramer, Joel; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Ross, Andrew; Vafaee, Mehran; Lebrun, Romain; Kläui, Mathias
impact_of_formulations_of_the-20230316100518300.pdf.jpg202319-Apr-2023Impact of formulations of the homogeneous nucleation rate on ice nucleation events in cirrusSpichtinger, Peter; Marschalik, Patrik; Baumgartner, Manuel
2001.pdf.jpg200926-May-2009The impact of ice crystals on radiative forcing and remote sensing of arctic boundary-layer mixed-phase cloudsEhrlich, Andre
impact_of_nitrogen_doping_on_-20211222100440371.pdf.jpg20213-Jan-2022Impact of nitrogen doping on the band structure and the charge carrier scattering in monolayer grapheneBraatz, Marie-Luise; Veith, Lothar; Köster, Janis; Kaiser, Ute; Binder, Axel; Gradhand, Martin; Kläui, Mathias
filianina_m.-impact_of_the_-20210510150216353.pdf.jpg202120-May-2021Impact of the interplay of piezoelectric strain and current-induced heating on the field-like spin-orbit torque in perpendicularly magnetized Ta/Co20Fe60B20/Ta/MgO filmFilianina, Mariia; Wang, Z.; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Lee, Kyujoon; Vafaee, Mehran; Jakob, Gerhard; Kläui, Mathias
impact_of_upper_tropospheric_-20220509145015780.pdf.jpg202218-May-2022Impact of upper tropospheric jet-front sytems on the mesoscale structure of the tropopause inversion layer and cross-tropopause transportKaluza, Thorsten
4156.pdf.jpg20154-Sep-2015Implementierung der Laserionenquellenfalle LIST bei ISOLDE und Validierung der Spezifikationen Effizienz und SelektivitätRichter, Sven
59209.pdf.jpg201826-Aug-2019Importance of spin current generation and detection by spin injection and the spin Hall effect for lateral spin valve performancePfeiffer, Alexander; Reeve, Robert M.; Kläui, Mathias
imprinting_the_complex_dielec-20220519103555865.pdf.jpg202119-May-2022Imprinting the complex dielectric permittivity of liquids into the spintronic terahertz emissionBalos, Vasileios; Müller, Patrick; Jakob, Gerhard; Kläui, Mathias; Sajadi, Mohsen
improved_bounds_on_ultralight-20230308092352055.pdf.jpg202227-Apr-2023Improved bounds on ultralight scalar dark matter in the radio-frequency rangeTretiak, Oleg; Zhang, Xue; Figueroa, Nataniel L.; Antypas, Dionysios; Brogna, Andrea; Banerjee, Abhishek; Perez, Gilad; Budker, Dmitry
100002938.pdf.jpg201919-Jul-2019Improved determination of the beta-neutrino angular correlation coefficient a in free neutron decay using the aSPECT experimentSchmidt, Christian
schindler_stefan-an_improved_si-20210127164400718.pdf.jpg20211-Feb-2021An improved signal model for a dual-phase xenon TPC using Bayesian inference and studies on the software trigger efficiency of the XENON1T DAQ systemSchindler, Stefan
4203.pdf.jpg201524-Nov-2015Improvements in production and storage of HP-129 XeRepetto, Maricel Teresa
100002167.pdf.jpg201830-Jul-2018Improving I/O performance in HPC through guided prefetching and non-volatile memory devicesCongiu, Giuseppe
100002006.pdf.jpg201822-May-2018Improving interpolants of non-convex polyhedra with linear arithmetic and probably approximatley correct learning for bounded linear arrangementsBeber, Björn
improving_structural_similari-20220924205440811.pdf.jpg201310-Oct-2022Improving structural similarity based virtual screening using background knowledgeGirschick, Tobias; Puchbauer, Lucia; Kramer, Stefan