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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
59255.pdf.jpg200524-Sep-2019Die Wahrheit der Fiktion : Vorlesungen zur HermeneutikGrätzel, Stephan
3536.pdf.jpg201325-Oct-2013"... was ein Sachbuch eigentlich ist."Oels, David
100003167.pdf.jpg201920-Nov-2019„Was wir tun, wenn wir tätig sind“ Zur Arbeits- und Entfremdungstheorie bei Karl Marx, Günther Anders und Hannah ArendtKump, Sebastian
2032.pdf.jpg200913-Jul-2009"Weil eine Fremd’ ich bin, aus fernem Land ...“ – Fremdheit und Fremde im dramatischen Werk Franz Grillparzers und Friedrich HebbelsLanz, Friederike Raphaela
55277.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016What a theory of knowledge-how should explain : a framework for practical knowledge beyond intellectualism and anti-intellectualismBartels, Andreas; May, Mark
55296.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016What can sensorimotor enactivism learn from studies on phenomenal adaptation in atypical perceptual conditions? : A commentary on Rick Grush and colleaguesMroczko-Wąsowicz, Aleksandra
55276.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016What does it mean to have an Open MIND?Metzinger, Thomas; Windt, Jennifer M.
55347.pdf.jpg20151-Dec-2016What is the state-of-the-art on lucid dreaming? : Recent advances and questions for future researchVoss, Ursula; Hobson, Allan
3236.pdf.jpg201215-Oct-2012What users think about the differences between caffeine and illicit/prescription stimulants for cognitive enhancementFranke, Andreas; Lieb, Klaus; Hildt, Elisabeth
55316.pdf.jpg201530-Nov-2016What? Now: predictive coding and enculturation ; a reply to Regina E. FabryMenary, Richard
55297.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016What’s up with prefrontal cortex? : A commentary on John-Dylan HaynesSchwiedrzik, Caspar M.
wiemer_björn-when_(inter)su-20210421191637284.pdf.jpg20204-May-2021When (inter)subjectification ties up with grammaticalization and related changes : Van Olmen, Daniёl, Hubert Cuyckens & Lobke Ghesquière (eds.), Aspects of grammaticalization : (inter)subjectification and directionality (Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs 305)Wiemer, Björn
when_combinatorial_processing-20220915065602891.pdf.jpg20136-Oct-2022When combinatorial processing results in reconceptualization : toward a new approach of compositionalitySchumacher, Petra
56650.pdf.jpg20171-Jun-2017Which structures are out there? : Learning predictive compositional concepts based on social sensorimotor explorationsButz, Martin V.
55288.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016Why and how does consciousness seem the way it seems?Dennett, Daniel C.
why_are_dreams_interesting_fo-20220924204714875.pdf.jpg201310-Oct-2022Why are dreams interesting for philosophers? : The example of minimal phenomenal selfhood, plus an agenda for future researchMetzinger, Thomas
58519.pdf.jpg201822-Oct-2018Why is virtual reality interesting for philosophers?Metzinger, Thomas
55301.pdf.jpg201529-Nov-2016Wild systems theory as a 21st century coherence framework for cognitive scienceJordan, J. Scott; Day, Brian
297.pdf.jpg20021-Jan-2002Wille zur ErkenntnisRuffing, Margit
2330.pdf.jpg201019-Jul-2010Der Wille zur Form - ein ästhetisch-anthropologischer DiskursGilles, Susanne