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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
55328.pdf.jpg201530-Nov-2016The avatars in the machine : dreaming as a simulation of social realityRevonsuo, Antti; Tuominen, Jarno; Valli, Katja
being_silent_about_the_truth_-20221117131223183.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023Being silent about the truth : narrative ethics in Mats Wahl’s I ballong över Stilla havetMeibauer, Jörg; Kümmerling-Meibauer, Bettina
55006.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016Beyond agency : a reply to Miriam KyseloNoë, Alva
55007.pdf.jpg201524-Oct-2016Beyond componential constitution in the brain : starburst amacrine cells and enabling constraintsAnderson, Michael L.
55023.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Beyond illusions : on the limitations of perceiving relational propertiesHecht, Heiko
3540.pdf.jpg201322-Oct-2013Beyond socialism: Tanzanian theatre, neoliberalism and foreign aid complexityShule, Vicensia
100000229.pdf.jpg20165-Feb-2016Beyond the post-colonial: comic effects in British migrant fictionKrizanovic, Andelka
100000984.pdf.jpg20175-Feb-2017Beyond vision – Sergei M. Eisenstein’s aesthetic theory and modernity in the early twentieth centuryYe, Xiaoxian
59745.pdf.jpg20199-Apr-2020Book clubs and book commerceNorrick-Rühl, Corinna
gutknecht_aaron-the_“bottom-up-20200928104934300.pdf.jpg201528-Nov-2016The “bottom-up” approach to mental life : a commentary on Holk Cruse & Malte SchillingGutknecht, Aaron
55024.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Bridging the gap : a commentary on Jonathan SchoolerGottschling, Verena
55025.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Bridging the objective/subjective divide : towards a meta-perspective of science and experienceSchooler, Jonathan
das_buch_als_heterotopie___be-20240124103412945.pdf.jpg201826-Jan-2024Das Buch als Heterotopie : Betrachtungen zur sozialen Dimension des LeseprozessesSchneider, Denise
1934.pdf.jpg200925-Mar-2009Buchbesprechung im politischen Kontext des NationalsozialismusMüller, Dietrich
55026.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Can experiential ownership violate the immunity principle? : A reply to Oliver Haug & Marius F. JungLiang, Caleb
55027.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Can synchronization explain representational content? : A reply to Caspar M. SchwiedrzikHaynes, John-Dylan
55028.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Can we be epigenetically proactive?Evers, Kathinka
55029.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Carving the brain at its joints : a commentary on Michael L. AndersonKohler, Axel
55323.pdf.jpg201530-Nov-2016The causal role(s) of intentions : a reply to Andrea R. DreßingPacherie, Elisabeth
centenarians_autobiographies_-20231221143916774.pdf.jpg202421-Dec-2023Centenarians’ autobiographies : age, life writing and the enigma of extreme longevityBanerjee, Mita