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ecigarette_effects_on_vascula-20230818140844612.pdf.jpg202324-Aug-2023E-cigarette effects on vascular function in animals and humansDaiber, Andreas; Kuntic, Marin; Oelze, Matthias; Hahad, Omar; Münzel, Thomas
reiner_iris-early_posttrau-20210913080725178.pdf.jpg202113-Sep-2021Early posttraumatic stress symptoms and levels of distress in trauma patients treated in the resuscitation room : an exploratory studyReiner, Iris; Beutel, Manfred E.; Winter, Philipp; Rommens, Pol M.; Kuhn, Sebastian
early_warning_for_spo2_decrea-20230901105114311.pdf.jpg202329-Sep-2023Early warning for SpO2 decrease by the oxygen reserve index in neonates and small infantsWittenmeier, Eva; Schmidtmann, Irene; Heese, Pascal; Müller, Pascal; Didion, Nicole; Kriege, Marc; Komorek, Yannick; Pirlich, Nina
editorial__special_issue__imp-20230815135551373.pdf.jpg202321-Aug-2023Editorial: Special issue: “Impact of lifestyle und behavioral risk factors on endothelial function and vascular biology" : how lifestyle and behavioral risk factors affect the vasculatureDaiber, Andreas; Hahad, Omar; Münzel, Thomas
effect_of_corecrosslinking_on-20221021133835682.pdf.jpg202117-Nov-2022Effect of core-crosslinking on protein corona formation on polymeric micellesAlberg, Irina; Kramer, Stefan; Leps, Christian; Tenzer, Stefan; Zentel, Rudolf
rachele_righesso_leonardo_augusto-the_effect_of_-20201119183554833.pdf.jpg202016-Dec-2020The effect of endothelial progenitor cells on the migration ability of different cell lines of head and neck squamous cell carcinomaRachele Righesso, Leonardo Augusto
effect_of_estrogen_in_maligna-20220907114703978.pdf.jpg20227-Sep-2022Effect of estrogen in malignant melanomaBhari, Neetu; Schwaertz, Robert A.; Apalla, Zoe; Salerni, Gabriel; Akay, Bengu Nisa; Patil, Anant; Grabbe, Stephan; Goldust, Mohamad
the_effect_of_fertilitysparin-20220822155641186.pdf.jpg202124-Aug-2022The effect of fertility-sparing surgery on sexuality and global quality of life in women with malignant ovarian germ cell and sex cord stromal tumors : an analysis of the CORSETT database of the AGO study groupHasenburg, Annette; Plett, Hellmut; Krämer, Bernhard; Braicu, Elena; Czogalla, Bastian; Bossart, Michaela; Singer, Susanne; Mayr, Doris; Staebler, Annette; du Bois, Andreas; Kommoss, Stefan; Link, Theresa; Burges, Alexander; Heitz, Florian; Keul, Jacqueline; Trillsch, Fabian; Harter, Philipp; Wimberger, Pauline; Buderath, Paul; Klar, Maximilian
the_effect_of_polyphenols_on_-20220913195510025.pdf.jpg201714-Sep-2022The effect of polyphenols on protein degradation pathways : implications for neuroprotectionHajieva, Parvana
100001924.pdf.jpg20189-Mar-2018The effect of reactive oxygen species on monocytes and macrophagesPonath, Viviane
effective_melanin_depigmentat-20220817164519986.pdf.jpg201419-Aug-2022Effective melanin depigmentation of human and murine ocular tissues : an improved method for paraffin and frozen sectionsManicam, Caroline; Pitz, Susanne; Brochhausen, Christoph; Grus, Franz-Hermann; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Gericke, Adrian
effectiveness_and_safety_of_o-20230516135714587.pdf.jpg202322-May-2023Effectiveness and safety of over-the-counter tooth-whitening agents compared to hydrogen peroxide in vitroMüller-Heupt, Lena Katharina; Wiesmann-Imilowski, Nadine; Kaya, Sebahat; Schumann, Sven; Steiger, Maximilian; Bjelopavlovic, Monika; Deschner, James; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Lehmann, Karl Martin
100003262.pdf.jpg202020-Jan-2020Effectiveness of ipsi- and contralateral approaches to the ophthalmic segment of the internal carotid artery : a comparative morphometrical characterization in anatomic specimens and 3D- virtual surgical simulations=Effektivität von ipsi- und kontralateralen Zugängen zum ophthalmischen Abschnitt der Arteria carotis interna : eine komparative morphometrische Charakterisierung in anatomischen Präparaten und 3D-virtuelle chirurgische SimulationenSerrano Sponton, Lucas Ezequiel
20232-Oct-2023The effectiveness of operative therapy on the distress of brain tumor patientsKeric, PD Dr. med. Naureen; Hartoyo, Abraham Raditya
effects_of_a_statutory_reform-20230116122700447.pdf.jpg202216-Jan-2023Effects of a statutory reform on waiting times for outpatient psychotherapy : a multicentre cohort studySinger, Susanne; Engesser, Deborah; Wirp, Bernhild; Lang, Klaus; Paserat, Anke; Kobes, Jörg; Porsch, Udo; Mittag, Martina; Taylor, Katherine; Gianicolo, Emilio; Maier, Lena
effects_of_adjunctive_lightac-20220815163527094.pdf.jpg202118-Aug-2022Effects of adjunctive light-activated disinfection and probiotics on clinical and microbiological parameters in periodontal treatment : a randomized, controlled, clinical pilot studyPatyna, Michael; Ehlers, Vicky; Bahlmann, Benjamin; Kasaj, Adrian
100000341.pdf.jpg20168-Mar-2016Effects of an F238L point mutation on intracellular trafficking and signaling of the cannabinoid type 1 receptorWickert, Melanie
effects_of_clopidogrel_prasug-20220913191746559.pdf.jpg201414-Sep-2022Effects of clopidogrel, prasugrel and ticagrelor on endothelial function, inflammatory and oxidative stress parameters and platelet function in patients undergoing coronary artery stenting for an acute coronary syndrome : a randomised, prospective, controlled studySchnorbus, Boris; Daiber, Andreas; Jurk, Kerstin; Warnke, Silke; König, Jochem; Krahn, Ulrike; Lackner, Karl J.; Münzel, Thomas; Gori, Tommaso
effects_of_empagliflozin_on_l-20230424121207128.pdf.jpg20233-May-2023Effects of empagliflozin on left ventricular diastolic function in addition to usual care in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus : results from the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled EmDia trialProchaska, Jürgen H.; Jünger, Claus; Schulz, Andreas; Arnold, Natalie; Müller, Felix; Heidorn, Marc William; Baumkötter, Rieke; Zahn, Daniela; Koeck, Thomas; Tröbs, Sven-Oliver; Lackner, Karl J.; Daiber, Andreas; Binder, Harald; Shah, Sanjiv J.; Gori, Tommaso; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp S.
3255.pdf.jpg20126-Nov-2012Effects of glucocorticoids on vascular NADPH oxidases and endothelial NO synthaseTobias, Silke