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100003410.pdf.jpg202017-Feb-2020Role of E-cadherin in Langerhans cell homeostasis & Analysis of an IL-17A-driven psoriasis mouse modelBrand, Anna
100001652.pdf.jpg201716-Nov-2017The role of EBI2 for encephalitogenic TH17 cells in EAE and in MSWanke, Florian
100001696.pdf.jpg201715-Dec-2017Role of epigenetic biomarkers and IDH1 mutation in anticancer drug resistance of high‐grade gliomasSwitzeny, Olivier
100001312.pdf.jpg201719-May-2017The role of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins and XAF1 in the resistance to anti-cancer treatment in brain tumor cells and high-grade gliomasReich, Thomas R.
the_role_of_inorganic_polypho-20220705211711058.pdf.jpg202211-Jul-2022The role of inorganic polyphosphates in Escherichia coli sepsisStavrides, Georgios
role_of_integrins_in_the_meta-20220801120419305.pdf.jpg20224-Aug-2022Role of integrins in the metastatic spread of high-grade serous ovarian cancerKrajnak, Slavomir; Jäkel, Jörg; Anić, Katharina; Schwab, Roxana; Schmidt, Marcus; Hasenburg, Annette; Roth, Wilfried; Brenner, Walburgis; Battista, Marco Johannes
100000520.pdf.jpg201613-Jun-2016The role of LRP1 in beta-1-integrin endocytosisRabiej, Verena
58756.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019The role of microglia in diabetic retinopathy : inflammation, microvasculature defects and neurodegenerationAltmann, Christine; Schmidt, Mirko HH
2666.pdf.jpg201115-Feb-2011The role of NPxY domains in LRP1 receptor maturation and functionPflanzner, Thorsten
2834.pdf.jpg201122-Jul-2011Role of outgrowth endothelial cells for applications in tissue engineeringDohle, Eva
michel_maurice-the_role_of_p5-20210723162504858.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2021The role of p53 dysfunction in colorectal cancer and its implication for therapyMichel, Maurice; Kaps, Leonard; Maderer, Annett; Galle, Peter R.; Moehler, Markus
100001319.pdf.jpg201723-May-2017Role of PARP-1 in colitis-associated colorectal cancer induced by alkylating N-nitroso compoundsDörsam, Bastian
100000541.pdf.jpg201624-Jun-2016The role of the proinflammatory cytokines IL-­17, IL-­6 and IL-­1 in (IMQ-­induced) psoriasisKlebow, Sabrina
100001306.pdf.jpg201717-May-2017Role of the cell adhesion molecule L1 during neuroinflammation in the central nervous systemMenzel, Lutz
100002136.pdf.jpg201820-Jul-2018Role of XIAP in ubiquitin mediated regulation of Cdc42 and other Rho GTPasesMurali, Arun
roles_of_factor_xa_beyond_coa-20220822150551540.pdf.jpg202124-Aug-2022Roles of factor Xa beyond coagulationRuf, Wolfram
the_roles_of_gut_microbiota_a-20220620114152189.pdf.jpg202020-Jun-2022The roles of gut microbiota and circadian rhythm in the cardiovascular protective effects of polyphenolsMan, Andy W. C.; Xia, Ning; Daiber, Andreas; Li, Huige
2212.pdf.jpg201031-Mar-2010The roles of interferon regulatory factors in the murine models of colitis and sepsisYu, Jingling
rolle_der_aminosäuretransport-20220711125128573.pdf.jpg202212-Jul-2022Rolle der Aminosäuretransporter y+LAT 1 und 2 für Wachstum und Viabilität von B-Zell-LeukämiezellenPieh, Daniel
zimmermann_rahel_rabea-die_rolle_der_-20210516123317383.pdf.jpg202126-Jul-2021Die Rolle der den Morbus Charcot-Marie-Tooth verursachenden R94Q Mutation im MFN2 Gen in der Resistenz gegen oxidativen StressZimmermann, Rahel Rabea