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zimmer_felix-abstinence_fro-20210527010429551.pdf.jpg20204-Jun-2021Abstinence from masturbation and hypersexualityZimmer, Felix; Imhoff, Roland
acceptance_of_immersive_head--20211217105458241.pdf.jpg202117-Dec-2021Acceptance of immersive head-mounted display virtual reality in stroke patientsSpecht, Julian; Schroeder, Helene; Krakow, Karsten; Meinhardt, Günter; Stegmann, Barbara; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana
59431.pdf.jpg201927-Nov-2019Accuracy of a chatbot (Ada) in the diagnosis of mental disorders : comparative case study with lay and expert usersJungmann, Stefanie; Klan, Timo; Kuhn, Sebastian; Jungmann, Florian
active_sport_tourism_consumpt-20220509102329318.pdf.jpg20219-May-2022Active sport tourism consumption by German private householdsPreuss, Holger; Heiden, Iris an der; Alfs, Christian; Schubert, Mathias
acute_effects_of_a_single_bou-20221129110543950.pdf.jpg202229-Nov-2022Acute effects of a single bout of exercise therapy on knee acoustic emissions in patients with osteoarthritis : a double-blinded, randomized controlled crossover trialKalo, Kristin; Niederer, Daniel; Schmitt, Marco; Vogt, Lutz
acute_effects_of_caffeine_sup-20221102140855586.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022Acute effects of caffeine supplementation on physical performance, physiological responses, perceived exertion, and technical-tactical skills in combat sports : a systematic review and meta-analysisDelleli, Slaheddine; Ouergui, Ibrahim; Messaoudi, Hamdi; Trabelsi, Khaled; Ammar, Achraf; Glenn, Jordan M.; Chtourou, Hamdi
58801.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019Acute effects of instructed and self-created variable rope skipping on EEG brain activity and heart rate variabilityJohn, Alexander; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang I.
acute_effects_of_strength_exe-20220710235013206.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022Acute effects of strength exercises and effects of regular strength training on cell free DNA concentrations in blood plasmaTug, Suzan; Tross, Anna-Katharina; Hegen, Patrick; Neuberger, Elmo; Helmig, Susanne; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang; Simon, Perikles
acute_effects_of_various_move-20221019124537048.pdf.jpg202221-Oct-2022Acute effects of various movement noise in differential learning of rope skipping on brain and heart recovery analyzed by means of multiscale fuzzy measure entropyJohn, Alexander Thomas; Barthel, Anna; Wind, Johanna; Rizzi, Nikolas; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang Immanuel
adapting_to_the_pandemic__lon-20221020120209422.pdf.jpg202227-Oct-2022Adapting to the pandemic : longitudinal effects of social restrictions on time perception and boredom during the Covid-19 pandemic in GermanyWessels, Marlene; Utegaliyev, Nariman; Bernhard, Christoph; Welsch, Robin; Oberfeld, Daniel; Thönes, Sven; Castell, Christoph von
100001471.pdf.jpg201728-Aug-2017Akademische Lehrkompetenz : Modellierung, Entwicklung und Messung mit Mixed-MethodsSchöler, Stefanie
schellack_sandra-alles_klar_od-20200925152104432.pdf.jpg20205-Oct-2020"Alles klar oder nicht?" - "qu'est-ce qu'on doit faire?" - Eine rekonstruktive Studie zum Sprachwechsel in fremdsprachlichen Unterrichtssequenzen in Frankreich und DeutschlandSchellack, Sandra
altered_functional_connectivi-20220817172355514.pdf.jpg201419-Aug-2022Altered functional connectivity between emotional and cognitive resting state networks in euthymic bipolar I disorder patientsLois, Giannis; Linke, Julia; Wessa, Michèle
always_pay_attention_to_which-20221013113324877.pdf.jpg202220-Oct-2022Always pay attention to which model of motor learning you are usingSchöllhorn, Wolfgang I.; Rizzi, Nikolas; Slapšinskaitė-Dackevičienė, Agnė; Leite, Nuno
100001531.pdf.jpg20172-Oct-2017Analyse zellfreier Tumor-DNA im Blut von Tumorpatienten in Situationen physischer Belastung mittels einer neuen, hochsensitiven quantitativen nested real-time-PCR-AnwendungEhlert, Tobias
59183.pdf.jpg201915-Aug-2019The anisotropy of personal spaceWelsch, Robin; Castell, Christoph von; Hecht, Heiko
mülder_lina_marie-antecedents_an-20211109114627345.pdf.jpg20219-Nov-2021Antecedents and moderation effects of maladaptive coping behaviors among German university studentsMülder, Lina Marie; Deci, Nicole; Werner, Antonia Maria; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Heller, Sebastian; Schäfer, Markus; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Edelmann, Dennis; Dietz, Pavel; Beutel, Manfred E.; Letzel, Stephan; Rigotti, Thomas
58369.pdf.jpg201823-Jul-2018Applicability of a web-based, individualized exercise intervention in patients with liver disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, and psychiatric disorders : process evaluation of 4 ongoing clinical trialsPfirrmann, Daniel; Haller, Nils; Huber, Yvonne; Jung, Patrick; Lieb, Klaus; Gockel, Ines; Poplawska, Krystyna; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
1728.pdf.jpg200819-Nov-2008Arbeitsbezogene Ressourcen, Stressoren und Beanspruchung bei klinischen und nicht-klinischen PersonenWald, Annette
assessing_attackrelated_fear_-20230130161431996.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Assessing attack-related fear in headache disorders - structure and psychometric properties of the fear of attacks in migraine inventoryKlan, Timo; Bräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Klein, Silja; Diezemann-Prößdorf, Anke; Guth, Anna-Lena; Gaul, Charly; Witthöft, Michael