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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
54612.pdf.jpg201611-Aug-2016mainzed Jahresbericht : 2015/2016Bruhn, Kai-Christian; Klammt, Anne
57250.pdf.jpg20176-Sep-2017mainzed Jahresbericht : 2016/2017Bruhn, Kai-Christian; Klammt, Anne
58619.pdf.jpg201816-Nov-2018mainzed Jahresbericht : 2017/2018Bruhn, Kai-Christian; Klammt, Anne
100002690.pdf.jpg201919-Mar-2019Mass spectrometry-based proteomics to study the development of D. melanogaster and telomere-associated proteins with a focus on human ZBTB10Bluhm, Alina
100002405.pdf.jpg20181-Dec-2018Molecular characterisation of the transcription factor – chromatin landscape interplay during neuronal cell fate acquisitionJung, Johannes
100001342.pdf.jpg20172-Jun-2017Molecular mechanisms of gene regulation in response to environmental and developmental stimuliSchick, Sandra
100003486.pdf.jpg202030-Apr-2020Nanocapsules for uptake, release and sensing in cellsThiramanas, Raweewan
100003209.pdf.jpg201911-Dec-2019Npl3 stabilizes R-loops at telomeres to regulate replicative senescencePerez Martinez, Lara
100001416.pdf.jpg201719-Jul-2017Nucleotide excision repair: interplay between nuclear compartmentalization, histone modifications and signalingChitale, Shalaka
100002359.pdf.jpg201831-Oct-2018Oberflächenfunktionalisierung von anorganischen MaterialienAckermann, Lisa-Maria
100003100.pdf.jpg20192-Oct-2019On long-term variations in the BrO/SO2 molar ratios in volcanic gas plumesDinger, Florian
100002826.pdf.jpg201918-Jun-2019Organic Electrochemical Transistor for Biological ApplicationsLingstedt, Leona Viola
100003194.pdf.jpg20193-Dec-2019Photochemie und Verteilung von Hydroperoxiden im Bereich der Arabischen Halbinsel : Messungen während OMO und AQABAHottmann, Bettina
100001258.pdf.jpg201720-Apr-2017Photoresponsive azobenzene/cyclodextrin supramolecular systems : from UV-light-responsive to visible-light-responsiveWang, Dongsheng
100002056.pdf.jpg201821-Jun-2018Physiological roles of the DNA demethylation-associated proteins Gadd45a and Ing1Mekker, Bernadette
ye_lijun-polymer-based_-20210810150324083.pdf.jpg202224-Feb-2022Polymer-Based Biomaterials with Specific Surface Features for Antibiofouling, Blood-Repelling Dressing, and Nerve Tissue EngineeringButt, Hans-Jürgen; Ye, Lijun
100002724.pdf.jpg201915-Apr-2019Polymer-Based Systems for Drug Delivery StudiesSchultze, Jennifer
100000716.pdf.jpg201618-Oct-2016Polyphosphoester colloids : from biomedical to optical applicationsAlexandrino, Evandro M.
100002740.pdf.jpg201928-Apr-2019Polyphosphoesters: A degradable alternative to polyolefins and poly(ethylene glycol)Tee, Hisaschi
100001703.pdf.jpg201721-Dec-2017Post-reproductive inhibition of the autophagic vesicle nucleation complex extends C. elegans lifespan through the neuronsWilhelm, Thomas