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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20195-Jun-2019Global numerical simulations of atmospheric ice crystalsBacer, Sara
201812-Jun-2018Hexagonal ice : Single crystalline hexagonal ice studied through surface-specific vibrational spectroscopyZamora, María Alejandra Sánchez
201829-Aug-2018Hierarchical structured materials for controlled oral drug deliveryHe, Wei
202127-Jul-2021Hieratische AktenvermerkeJüngling, Johannes
201911-Jan-2019Identification of novel regulators of late-life longevity in the worm C. elegansByrne, Jonathan
20182-Jan-2018Identification of the transcriptional program, establishing adult intestinal stem cells during mouse embryonic developmentNigmatullina, Lira
201831-Aug-2018Imbibition, crystallization, and dynamics of polymers and water under nanometer confinementYao, Yang
201913-Sep-2019In vitro and in vivo investigation of dendronized streptavidin and fluorescent nanodiamonds, two flexible nanosystems efficiently crossing the blood-brain barrier to improve nanotheranostics in neurological disease treatmentMoscariello, Pierpaolo
202010-Dec-2020In-depth immunological analysis of prototypic adjuvants for vaccine formulationsRoßmann, Laura
201910-Jan-2019Influence of Energetic Disorder on Exciton Diffusion PropertiesRörich, Irina
20195-Jun-2019Insights into the function and evolution of nematode RNAi pathwaysDias de Vasconcelos Almeida, Miguel Duarte
20154-Feb-2015Interactions of gold nanoparticles with polymeric membranesKoch, Amelie Helena Ruth
201719-Oct-2017Interdisciplinary studies on Rock VarnishMacholdt, Dorothea Sabine
202013-Feb-2020Investigating the function of Makorin 1 in Drosophila oogenesisDold, Annabelle Cynthia Elisabeth
201615-Feb-2016Investigating the mechanism of the Exon Junction Complex in pre-mRNA splicing and its implication in the piRNA pathwayMestdagh, Claire
201320-Jun-2013Investigation of P3HT PCBM particle-based solar cellsFreisinger, Birger
201822-Aug-2018Investigation of photon path length distributions derived from oxygen A-band measurements of the GOSAT satellite instrumentKremmling, Beke
201913-Jun-2019Investigation of the Surface Tension of Atmospheric Liquids by Molecular Dynamics SimulationsWang, Xiaoxiang
201622-Dec-2016Korrelative Mikroskopie von Partikel-Zell-InteraktionenRenz, Patricia
201429-Oct-2014Light harvesting and orbital tuning : perylene monoimides and diimides for photovoltaic purposesWonneberger, Henrike