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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201923-Apr-2019Achieving a stealth effect of nanocarriers through controlled protein adsorptionMüller, Julius
202010-Feb-2020Aerosol particles in the summertime Arctic lower troposphere: Chemical composition, sources, and formationKöllner, Franziska
201917-Sep-2019Analysis of Neil DNA glycosylases during early Xenopus developmentHan, Dandan
201924-Jan-2020Antibiotic treatment protocols and germ-free mouse models in vascular researchBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Potarollo, Giulia; Reinhardt, Christoph
201816-Nov-2018Applications of para-hydrogen induced polarizationRipka, Barbara Helena
202018-Feb-2020Assembling Nano-Objects with Polymers: From Hybrid Nanoarchitecture to Functional MaterialsHu, Minghan
20192-Aug-2019Azobenzene-Containing Polymers for Photoswitching Applications: Design, Synthesis and CharacterizationWeis, Philipp
20186-Nov-2018Bioinformatic analyses of biogenic aerosol particles by classical and high-throughput sequencing : diversity, seasonal dynamics, and characterization of airborne microbial communitiesWehking, Jörn
201018-Oct-2010A biomimetic model membrane system on oxidic surfaces designed for the investigation of cytochrome c oxidase and other membrane proteins by fluorescence and waveguide spectroscopyKibrom, Asmorom Afewerki
202013-May-2020Biophysical and structural characterization of the interaction of the circadian transcription factor BMAL1 with its coactivator CBPGarg, Archit
201925-Jun-2019Characterization of parental and zygotic contributions to siRNA mediated silencing in C. elegansPlacentino, Maria
20192-Sep-2019Characterizing the role of RNA-binding proteins in ubiquitin signalingHildebrandt, Andrea
201423-Oct-2014Chemical exfoliation of graphene and its application in organic electronics and energy storage devicesParvez, Khaled
201916-Dec-2019A Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer for Atmospheric Trace Gas Measurement: Characterisation and Deployment in Field StudiesEger, Philipp Georg
20146-Feb-2014Complex colloids by the emulsion solvent evaporation processStaff, Roland Hinrich
201823-Mar-2018Comprehensive characterization of the complex lola locus in Drosophila melanogaster reveals novel roles in vivoDinges, Nadja
20188-Nov-2018Computational analysis of bioaerosol : the analysis of molecular genetic datasets in context of environmental factorsPickersgill, Daniel Andrew
20203-Jun-2020Controlling Hypersonic Particle Resonances through Tailored Colloidal SynthesisKang, Eunsoo
201918-Jun-2019Crosstalk between redox regulatory pathways and epigenetic processes in tissue and cell culture models of cardiovascular complicationsHanf, Alina
201819-Jan-2018Deciphering gene regulatory circuitry governing cell fate changesSahu, Sanjeeb Kumar