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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20193-Dec-2019Photochemie und Verteilung von Hydroperoxiden im Bereich der Arabischen Halbinsel : Messungen während OMO und AQABAHottmann, Bettina
201720-Apr-2017Photoresponsive azobenzene/cyclodextrin supramolecular systems : from UV-light-responsive to visible-light-responsiveWang, Dongsheng
201821-Jun-2018Physiological roles of the DNA demethylation-associated proteins Gadd45a and Ing1Mekker, Bernadette
201915-Apr-2019Polymer-Based Systems for Drug Delivery StudiesSchultze, Jennifer
201618-Oct-2016Polyphosphoester colloids : from biomedical to optical applicationsAlexandrino, Evandro M.
201928-Apr-2019Polyphosphoesters: A degradable alternative to polyolefins and poly(ethylene glycol)Tee, Hisaschi
201721-Dec-2017Post-reproductive inhibition of the autophagic vesicle nucleation complex extends C. elegans lifespan through the neuronsWilhelm, Thomas
201930-Jul-2019Proteomic characterization of the biomolecular corona and its impact on cellular uptakeSimon, Johanna
20125-Nov-2012Qualitative and absolute quantitative studies of the cell-nanoparticle interactionHöcherl, Anita
20184-Dec-2018Regulation and cell-to-cell variability of estrogen-dependent transcriptionFritzsch, Christoph Alexander
20199-Dec-2019Regulation of the TET1 protein in active DNA demethylationErnst, Anna Luise
201924-Oct-2019The Role of GADD45 Proteins and NEIL DNA Glycosylases in Mouse Embryonic Stem CellsSchüle, Katrin Mercedes
201911-Sep-2019Searching and characterizing novel 21U RNA biogenesis factors in Caenorhabditis elegansRodrigues, Ricardo José Cordeiro Machado
201318-Nov-2013Selbstorganisation von Amphiphilen auf Basis von Hexaphenylbenzol und Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenWunderlich, Katrin
201717-Mar-2017Single molecule localisation microscopy by photoconversion and dynamic labelling using DNA-binding dyes resolves chromatin compaction in model ischemiaSzczurek, Aleksander
20146-Feb-2014Smart magnetic dispersions - from switchable release to well-defined hybrid nanofibersBannwarth, Markus
20213-Dec-2021Solubilization Strength Characterization of Parenteral Solutions Containing Polysorbate 80 in Support of Extractable & Leachable StudiesStrobel, Adrian Benedict
201821-Nov-2018Solution-Processed Two-Dimensional Materials for Organic OptoelectronicsRicciardulli, Antonio Gaetano
20205-Feb-2020Spectroscopic Studies of Water at Charged InterfacesDreier, Lisa
20192-May-2019Structure of Confined Liquids studied by an X-ray Surface Force ApparatusWeiss, Henning