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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
100002555.pdf.jpg201922-Jan-2019Deciphering the binding regulation of the core splicing factor U2AF65 using in vitro iCLIPSutandy, Reymond
100002830.pdf.jpg201918-Jun-2019Derivate von m- und p- Oligophenylenen und deren AnwendungenSonnenschein-Battefeld, Christoph
100003082.pdf.jpg201910-Sep-2019Development and Application of Hamiltonian Adaptive Resolution Simulations for Systems having Long-range InteractionsHeidari, Maziar
100002587.pdf.jpg201931-Jan-2019Development of a tip-enhanced Raman spectrometer to investigate solid-liquid interfacesDriessen, Leonie
3699.pdf.jpg201420-Mar-2014Diffusion in heterogeneous systems studied by laser scanning confocal microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopyDoroshenko, Mikheil
3983.pdf.jpg201525-Feb-2015Dotierte Nanographenstreifen mit definierten RandstrukturenBerger, Reinhard Franz Josef
100003095.pdf.jpg201927-Sep-2019The Drosophila 7SK snRNP complex is required for synaptic growth and function of motoneuronsMohana Sundara Shanmugam, Giriram Kumar
3915.pdf.jpg201428-Nov-2014Drug delivery, entry and intracellular trafficking of polymeric nanoparticlesHofmann, Daniel
100000762.pdf.jpg20164-Nov-2016Dual role of Med12 in PRC1-dependent gene repression & ncRNA-mediated transcriptional activationPapadopoulou, Thaleia
3375.pdf.jpg20131-Mar-2013Einfluss verschiedener nanopartikulärer Systeme auf die zelluläre Aufnahme und ZytotoxizitätCramer, Jens-Michael
100001328.pdf.jpg201729-May-2017Electrochemical growth of CuBTC : improving the synthesis toolkit through mechanistic understandingSchäfer, Philipp
100001963.pdf.jpg201823-Apr-2018Electrochemical tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy : development and applicationsMartin Sabanes, Natalia
yao_xuelin-engineering_pe-20200820150300423.pdf.jpg202222-Feb-2022Engineering Peripheral Structure in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Graphene NanoribbonsYao, Xuelin
59555.pdf.jpg202014-Feb-2020Enteric hard capsules for targeting the small intestine : positive correlation between in vitro disintegration and dissolution timesFu, Maoqi; Al-Gousous, Jozef; Blechar, Johannes; Langguth, Peter
100001301.pdf.jpg201716-May-2017Epigenetic chromatin states during embryonic development and adult homeostasis of the mammalian gutKazakevych, Juri
100000663.pdf.jpg20162-Sep-2016The epigenetic landscape of the heart in ischemia-reperfusion injuryKirmes, Ina Caroline
100002546.pdf.jpg201917-Jan-2019Exchange of Volatile Organic Compounds at the Atmosphere-Soil InterfaceLi, Guo
100001320.pdf.jpg201723-May-2017Experimental and theoretical investigation of estrogen dependent transcription in single cellsBaumgärtner, Stephan
3664.pdf.jpg201414-Feb-2014The fabrication and application of semi-crystalline and thermoset-thermoplastic composite colloidal particles with well-defined microstructuresZhang, Yang
100003231.pdf.jpg20207-Jan-2020Flow-based techniques for the analysis of nanocarriers in biological environmentsWeber, Claudia