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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20123D-electron microscopy of protein complexes of different size and symmetryArnold, Philipp
2016Analysis of diffusion processes in the human body by means of magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy and tractographyWieseotte, Christian
2016Atmospheric degradation of reactive biogenic VOCs and their role in aerosol formation: modelling activities, laboratory experiments and field studies in different vegetation zonesVan Eijck, Anna
2018Biodegradable protein nanocarriers for drug deliveryPiradashvili, Keti
2013Charge transport in organic photovoltaic cellsSchrader, Manuel
2012Charge-transport simulations in organic semiconductorsMay, Falk
2014Chemical interaction between ocean and atmosphereKern, Bastian
2012Chemical transformations of the pyrene K-region for functional materialsZöphel, Lukas Julian
2016Chirale Nanopartikel und ihre Anwendung in KristallisationsprozessenPreiss, Laura
2014Complementary mass spectrometric techniques for the characterization of the organic fraction in atmospheric aerosolsVogel, Alexander L.
2015Controllable assembly of graphene hybrid materials and their application in energy storage and conversionWei, Wei
2019Crystal stability and polymorphism of syndiotactic polystyrene from multiscale simulationsLiu, Chan
2012Dendronized ionsTürp, David
2013Design of cell adhesive and angiogenic titanium surfaces for cellular stimulationHeller, Martin
2020Developing bio-orthogonal chemistries to prepare nanocarriers for controlled releaseAlkanawati, Mohammad Shafee
2018Development and application of advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques for the investigation of inflammatory processesNeumann, Jan
2012Development and application of an analytical method for the determination of total atmospheric biogenic non-methane organic carbonRegnery, Julia
2019Development and Application of Hamiltonian Adaptive Resolution Simulations for Systems having Long-range InteractionsHeidari, Maziar
2014Development of models and methods to simulate peptide-assisted nucleation and growth of calcium-mineralsKahlen, Jens
2015The dynamics of ultra-thin polymer films in different confinements studied by resonance enhanced dynamic light scatteringLin, Fan-Yen