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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201212-Dec-20123D-electron microscopy of protein complexes of different size and symmetryArnold, Philipp
20169-May-2016Analysis of diffusion processes in the human body by means of magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy and tractographyWieseotte, Christian
201627-Jul-2016Atmospheric degradation of reactive biogenic VOCs and their role in aerosol formation: modelling activities, laboratory experiments and field studies in different vegetation zonesVan Eijck, Anna
20189-Feb-2018Biodegradable protein nanocarriers for drug deliveryPiradashvili, Keti
202122-Apr-2021Bottom-up Syntheses of Zigzag-edged Nanographenes and Nanographene-Porphyrin ConjugatesChen, Qiang
201323-Dec-2013Charge transport in organic photovoltaic cellsSchrader, Manuel
201212-Jul-2012Charge-transport simulations in organic semiconductorsMay, Falk
201429-Oct-2014Chemical interaction between ocean and atmosphereKern, Bastian
201228-Sep-2012Chemical transformations of the pyrene K-region for functional materialsZöphel, Lukas Julian
201617-Jun-2016Chirale Nanopartikel und ihre Anwendung in KristallisationsprozessenPreiss, Laura
20147-Mar-2014Complementary mass spectrometric techniques for the characterization of the organic fraction in atmospheric aerosolsVogel, Alexander L.
201523-Apr-2015Controllable assembly of graphene hybrid materials and their application in energy storage and conversionWei, Wei
201915-Dec-2019Crystal stability and polymorphism of syndiotactic polystyrene from multiscale simulationsLiu, Chan
201214-Sep-2012Dendronized ionsTürp, David
201318-Apr-2013Design of cell adhesive and angiogenic titanium surfaces for cellular stimulationHeller, Martin
202019-Nov-2020Developing bio-orthogonal chemistries to prepare nanocarriers for controlled releaseAlkanawati, Mohammad Shafee
201830-Oct-2018Development and application of advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques for the investigation of inflammatory processesNeumann, Jan
20125-Nov-2012Development and application of an analytical method for the determination of total atmospheric biogenic non-methane organic carbonRegnery, Julia
201910-Sep-2019Development and Application of Hamiltonian Adaptive Resolution Simulations for Systems having Long-range InteractionsHeidari, Maziar
201414-Aug-2014Development of models and methods to simulate peptide-assisted nucleation and growth of calcium-mineralsKahlen, Jens