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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Achieving a stealth effect of nanocarriers through controlled protein adsorptionMüller, Julius
2020Aerosol particles in the summertime Arctic lower troposphere: Chemical composition, sources, and formationKöllner, Franziska
2019Analysis of Neil DNA glycosylases during early Xenopus developmentHan, Dandan
2019Antibiotic treatment protocols and germ-free mouse models in vascular researchBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Potarollo, Giulia; Reinhardt, Christoph
2018Applications of para-hydrogen induced polarizationRipka, Barbara Helena
2020Assembling Nano-Objects with Polymers: From Hybrid Nanoarchitecture to Functional MaterialsHu, Minghan
2019Azobenzene-Containing Polymers for Photoswitching Applications: Design, Synthesis and CharacterizationWeis, Philipp
2018Bioinformatic analyses of biogenic aerosol particles by classical and high-throughput sequencing : diversity, seasonal dynamics, and characterization of airborne microbial communitiesWehking, Jörn
2010A biomimetic model membrane system on oxidic surfaces designed for the investigation of cytochrome c oxidase and other membrane proteins by fluorescence and waveguide spectroscopyKibrom, Asmorom Afewerki
2020Biophysical and structural characterization of the interaction of the circadian transcription factor BMAL1 with its coactivator CBPGarg, Archit
2019Characterization of parental and zygotic contributions to siRNA mediated silencing in C. elegansPlacentino, Maria
2019Characterizing the role of RNA-binding proteins in ubiquitin signalingHildebrandt, Andrea
2014Chemical exfoliation of graphene and its application in organic electronics and energy storage devicesParvez, Khaled
2019A Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer for Atmospheric Trace Gas Measurement: Characterisation and Deployment in Field StudiesEger, Philipp Georg
2014Complex colloids by the emulsion solvent evaporation processStaff, Roland Hinrich
2018Comprehensive characterization of the complex lola locus in Drosophila melanogaster reveals novel roles in vivoDinges, Nadja
2018Computational analysis of bioaerosol : the analysis of molecular genetic datasets in context of environmental factorsPickersgill, Daniel Andrew
2020Controlling Hypersonic Particle Resonances through Tailored Colloidal SynthesisKang, Eunsoo
2019Crosstalk between redox regulatory pathways and epigenetic processes in tissue and cell culture models of cardiovascular complicationsHanf, Alina
2018Deciphering gene regulatory circuitry governing cell fate changesSahu, Sanjeeb Kumar