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adjuvant_chemoradiotherapy_in-20221114122215205.pdf.jpg202221-Dec-2022Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in elderly patients with head and neck cancer : a monoinstitutional, two-to-one pair-matching analysisMayer, Arnulf; Wenzel, Witali; Wollschläger, Daniel; Bostel, Tilman; Krüger, Maximilian; Matthias, Christoph; Schmidberger, Heinz
association_of_covid19_mortal-20220826161940666.pdf.jpg202130-Aug-2022Association of COVID-19 mortality with COVID-19 vaccination rates in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) from calendar week 1 to 20 in the year 2021 : a registry-based analysisWollschläger, Daniel; Gianicolo, Emilio; Blettner, Maria; Hamann, Ruben; Herm-Stapelberg, Nils; Schoeps, Melissa
cardiac_late_effects_after_mo-20220829130447985.pdf.jpg202230-Aug-2022Cardiac late effects after modern 3D-conformal radiotherapy in breast cancer patients : a retrospective cohort study in Germany (ESCaRa)Merzenich, Hiltrud; Baaken, Dan; Schmidt, Marcus; Bekes, Inga; Schwentner, Lukas; Janni, Wolfgang; Woeckel, Achim; Bartkowiak, Detlef; Wiegel, Thomas; Blettner, Maria; Wollschläger, Daniel; Schmidberger, Heinz
erklärbarkeit_der_altersadjus-20220829115239850.pdf.jpg202230-Aug-2022Erklärbarkeit der altersadjustierten Übersterblichkeit mit den COVID-19-attribuierten Sterbefällen von Januar 2020 bis Juli 2021Wollschläger, Daniel; Schmidtmann, Irene; Fückel, Sebastian; Blettner, Maria; Gianicolo, Emilio
heart_atlas_for_retrospective-20220822122506545.pdf.jpg202122-Aug-2022Heart atlas for retrospective cardiac dosimetry : a multi-institutional study on interobserver contouring variations and their dosimetric impactStockinger, Marcus; Karle, Heiko; Rennau, Hannes; Sebb, Sabine; Wolf, Ulrich; Remmele, Julia; Bührdel, Sandra; Bartkowiak, Detlef; Blettner, Maria; Schmidberger, Heinz; Wollschläger, Daniel
bostel_tilman-high-dose_carb-20210420122108423.pdf.jpg202023-Apr-2021High-dose carbon-ion based radiotherapy of primary and recurrent sacrococcygeal chordomas : long-term clinical results of a single particle therapy centerBostel, Tilman; Mattke, Matthias; Nicolay, Nils Henrik; Welzel, Thomas; Wollschläger, Daniel; Akbata, Sati; Mayer, Arnulf; Sprave, Tanja; Debus, Jürgen; Uhl, Matthias
incidence_of_childhood_leukem-20230110113255676.pdf.jpg202310-Jan-2023Incidence of childhood leukemia before and after shut down of nuclear power plants in Germany in 2011 : a population-based register study during 2004 to 2019Russo, Antonello; Blettner, Maria; Merzenich, Hiltrud; Wollschläger, Daniel; Erdmann, Friederike; Gianicolo, Emilio
re__subramanian_and_kumar_vac-20220829122304407.pdf.jpg202130-Aug-2022Re: Subramanian and Kumar. Vaccination rates and COVID-19 casesGianicolo, Emilio; Wollschläger, Daniel; Blettner, Maria