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assessing_attackrelated_fear_-20230130161431996.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Assessing attack-related fear in headache disorders - structure and psychometric properties of the fear of attacks in migraine inventoryKlan, Timo; Bräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Klein, Silja; Diezemann-Prößdorf, Anke; Guth, Anna-Lena; Gaul, Charly; Witthöft, Michael
assessment_of_counseling_self-20220322112346935.pdf.jpg202124-Mar-2022Assessment of counseling self-efficacy : validation of the German Counselor Activity Self-Efficacy Scales-RevisedHahn, Daniela; Weck, Florian; Witthöft, Michael; Kühne, Franziska
attackenangst_bei_migräne__di-20230424093457995.pdf.jpg202324-Apr-2023Attackenangst bei Migräne : Diagnostik und BehandlungKlan, Timo; Diezemann-Prößdorf, Anke; Guth, Anna-Lena; Gaul, Charly; Witthöft, Michael
59425.pdf.jpg201921-Nov-2019Behavioral and electrodermal data on implicit nocebo conditioning using supraliminally presented visual stimuliBräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Witthöft, Michael
body_image_avoidance_affects_-20220520115203260.pdf.jpg202020-May-2022Body image avoidance affects interpersonal distance perception : a virtual environment experimentWelsch, Robin; Hecht, Heiko; Kolar, David R.; Witthöft, Michael; Legenbauer, Tanja
cough_is_dangerous___neural_c-20220914001624556.pdf.jpg20164-Oct-2022Cough is dangerous : neural correlates of implicit body symptoms associationsMier, Daniela; Witthöft, Michael; Bailer, Josef; Ofer, Julia; Kerstner, Tobias; Rist, Fred; Diener, Carsten
covid19_stress_syndrome_in_th-20230222113026170.pdf.jpg20236-Apr-2023COVID-19 stress syndrome in the German general population: Validation of a German version of the COVID Stress ScalesJungmann, Stefanie M.; Piefke, Martina; Nin, Vincent; Aasmundson, Gordon J. G.; Witthöft, Michael
differential_relationship_bet-20230227085230019.pdf.jpg202219-Apr-2023Differential relationship between self-reported interoceptive accuracy and attention with psychopathology : a latent variable approachBrand, Sebastian; Petzke, Tara M.; Witthöft, Michael
58802.pdf.jpg201824-Jan-2019Efficacy of a guided internet-based intervention (iSOMA) for somatic symptoms and related distress in university students : study protocol of a randomised controlled trialHennemann, Severin; Böhme, Katja; Baumeister, Harald; Bendig, Eileen; Kleinstäuber, Maria; Ebert, David Daniel; Witthöft, Michael
efficacy_of_cognitivebehavior-20221026155846295.pdf.jpg202231-Oct-2022Efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy for the prophylaxis of migraine in adults : a three-armed randomized controlled trialKlan, Timo; Gaul, Charly; Liesering-Latta, Eva; Both, Bernhard; Held, Isabella; Hennemann, Severin; Witthöft, Michael
erfassung_der_lebendigkeit_me-20230224132629516.pdf.jpg202319-Apr-2023Erfassung der Lebendigkeit mentaler Vorstellungsbilder : Adaptation und Validierung deutschsprachiger Versionen des Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) und des Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire (PSI-Q)Jungmann, Stefanie M.; Becker, Fritz; Witthöft, Michael
inhibitory_learning_versus_ha-20221206131124698.pdf.jpg20229-Dec-2022Inhibitory learning versus habituation in an experimental exposure intervention for people with heightened health anxiety : increase of distress tolerance as a joint mechanism of change?Sauer, Karoline S.; Witthöft, Michael
parents_views_of_psychologica-20230725151511135.pdf.jpg202325-Jul-2023Parents’ views of psychological research with children : barriers, benefits, personality, and psychopathologyJungmann, Stefanie M.; Grebinyk, Galyna; Witthöft, Michael
the_role_of_mental_imagery_in-20220710222633266.pdf.jpg201512-Jul-2022The role of mental imagery in depression : negative mental imagery induces strong implicit and explicit affect in depressionGörgen, Stefanie Maria; Joormann, Jutta; Hiller, Wolfgang; Witthöft, Michael
58797.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019The underestimated significance of conditioning in placebo hypoalgesia and nocebo hyperalgesiaBräscher, Anne-Kathrin; Witthöft, Michael; Becker, Susanne
understanding_dysregulated_be-20220712203120122.pdf.jpg201613-Jul-2022Understanding dysregulated behaviors and compulsions : an extension of the emotional cascade model and the mediating role of intrusive thoughtsJungmann, Stefanie; Vollmer, Noelle; Selby, Edward A.; Witthöft, Michael
what_characterizes_helpful_pe-20230216162342471.pdf.jpg202227-Apr-2023What characterizes helpful personal practice in psychotherapy training? : results of an online surveyHahn, Daniela; Weck, Florian; Witthöft, Michael; Kühne, Franziska