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the_benefits_of_selfset_goals-20220925165300056.pdf.jpg201617-Oct-2022The benefits of self-set goals : is ego depletion really a result of self-control failure?Wenzel, Mario; Zahn, Daniela; Rowland, Zarah; Kubiak, Thomas
the_costs_and_benefits_of_min-20230417104741234.pdf.jpg202320-Apr-2023The costs and benefits of mindfulness and reappraisal in daily lifeWenzel, Mario; Blanke, Elisabeth S.; Rowland, Zarah; Brose, Annette
the_effects_of_computerbased_-20220714110104778.pdf.jpg201615-Jul-2022The effects of computer-based mindfulness training on self-control and mindfulness within ambulatorily assessed network systems across health-related domains in a healthy student population (SMASH) : study protocol for a randomized controlled trialRowland, Zarah; Wenzel, Mario; Kubiak, Thomas
wenzel_mario-examining_five-20210621160729443.pdf.jpg202129-Jun-2021Examining five pathways on how self-control is associated with emotion regulation and affective well-being in daily lifeWenzel, Mario; Rowland, Zarah; Kubiak, Thomas
wenzel_mario-like_clouds_in-20210621142851585.pdf.jpg202128-Jun-2021Like clouds in a windy sky : mindfulness training reduces negative affect reactivity in daily life in a randomized controlled trialWenzel, Mario; Rowland, Zarah; Kubiak, Thomas
100001406.pdf.jpg201713-Jul-2017The limits of limited self-control : investigating the boundaries and conditions of ego depletionWenzel, Mario
rowland_zarah-mindfulness_an-20210514090809367.pdf.jpg202025-May-2021Mindfulness and affect-network density : does mindfulness facilitate disengagement from affective experiences in daily lifeRowland, Zarah; Wenzel, Mario
58413.pdf.jpg20188-Aug-2018Population-based validation of a German version of the Brief Resilience ScaleChmitorz, Andrea; Wenzel, Mario; Stieglitz, Rolf-Dieter; Kunzler, Angela; Bagusat, Christiana; Helmreich, Isabella; Gerlicher, Anna; Kampa, Miriam; Kubiak, Thomas; Kalisch, Raffael; Lieb, Klaus; Tüscher, Oliver
59184.pdf.jpg201915-Aug-2019The role of self-control and the presence of enactment models on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption : a pilot studyWenzel, Mario; Geelen, Anouk; Wolters, Maike; Hebestreit, Antje; Van Laerhoven, Kristof; Lakerveld, Jeroen; Andersen, Lene Frost; van’t Veer, Pieter; Kubiak, Thomas