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development_and_evaluation_of-20231218114915169.pdf.jpg20238-Jan-2024Development and evaluation of a point-of-care ocular ultrasound curriculum for medical students : a proof-of-concept studyWeimer, Johannes Matthias; Rink, Maximilian; Vieth, Thomas; Lauff, Jonas; Weimer, Andreas; Müller, Lukas; Stäuber, Marie; Reder, Sebastian R.; Buggenhagen, Holger; Bellhäuser, Henrik; Kloeckner, Roman; Künzel, Julian; Hoffmann, Esther M.; Würde, Anna
focus_cardiac_ultrasound_trai-20230816142959286.pdf.jpg202318-Aug-2023FoCUS cardiac ultrasound training for undergraduates based on current national guidelines : a prospective, controlled, single-center study on transferabilityWeimer, Johannes; Rolef, Peter; Müller, Lukas; Bellhäuser, Henrik; Göbel, Sebastian; Buggenhagen, Holger; Weimer, Andreas; Waezsada, Elias; Kirchhoff, Friederike; Weinmann-Menke, Julia
intersystem_variability_of_ei-20240214150105955.pdf.jpg202420-Feb-2024Inter-system variability of eight different handheld ultrasound (HHUS) devices : a prospective comparison of B-scan quality and clinical significance in intensive careWeimer, Johannes Matthias; Beer, Diana; Schneider, Christoph; Yousefzada, Masuod; Gottwald, Michael; Züllich, Tim Felix; Weimer, Andreas; Jonck, Christopher; Buggenhagen, Holger; Kloeckner, Roman; Merkel, Daniel
prospective_comparison_of_han-20240214144126010.pdf.jpg202320-Feb-2024Prospective comparison of handheld ultrasound devices from different manufacturers with respect to B-scan quality and clinical significance for various abdominal sonography questionsMerkel, Daniel; Züllich, Tim Felix; Schneider, Christoph; Yousefzada, Masuod; Beer, Diana; Ludwig, Michael; Weimer, Andreas; Künzel, Julian; Kloeckner, Roman; Weimer, Johannes Matthias
undergraduate_ultrasound_trai-20240201172338493.pdf.jpg202319-Feb-2024Undergraduate ultrasound training : prospective comparison of two different peer assisted course models on national standardsWeimer, Johannes; Dionysopoulou, Anna; Strelow, Kai-Uwe; Buggenhagen, Holger; Weinmann-Menke, Julia; Dirks, Klaus; Weimer, Andreas; Künzel, Julian; Börner, Norbert; Ludwig, Michael; Yang, Yang; Lorenz, Liv; Ille, Carlotte; Müller, Lukas