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bleeding_disorders_in_implant-20230209094341962.pdf.jpg20229-Feb-2023Bleeding disorders in implant dentistry : a narrative review and a treatment guideRömer, Paul; Heimes, Diana; Pabst, Andreas; Becker, Philipp; Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Kämmerer, Peer W.
thiem_daniel-complications_-20210514095334107.pdf.jpg202126-May-2021Complications or rather side effects? : Quantification of patient satisfaction and complications after orthognathic surgery : a retrospective, cross-sectional long-term analysisThiem, Daniel G. E.; Schneider, Daniel; Hammel, Michael; Saka, Bassam; Frerich, Bernhard; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
evaluation_of_medicationrelat-20230523155428757.pdf.jpg202324-May-2023Evaluation of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) in terms of staging and treatment strategies by dental students at different educational levelsHeimes, Diana; Mark, Nicolas Alexander; Kuchen, Robert; Pabst, Andreas; Becker, Philipp; Kyyak, Solomiya; Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Schulze, Ralf; Kämmerer, Peer Wolfgang
thiem_d._g._e.-hyperspectral_-20210503165719308.pdf.jpg202117-May-2021Hyperspectral analysis for perioperative perfusion monitoring : a clinical feasibility study on free and pedicled flapsThiem, Daniel G. E.; Frick, Richard W.; Goetze, Elisabeth; Gielisch, Matthias; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
hyperspectral_imaging_and_art-20220701110520160.pdf.jpg20211-Jul-2022Hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence to detect oral malignancy – part 1 - automated tissue classification of oral muscle, fat and mucosa using a light-weight 6-layer deep neural networkThiem, Daniel G. E.; Römer, Paul; Gielisch, Matthias; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Schlüter, Martin; Plaß, Bastian; Kämmerer, Peer W.
thiem_daniel_g._e.-hyperspectral_-20211102130512211.pdf.jpg20215-Nov-2021Hyperspectral imaging to study dynamic skin perfusion after injection of Articaine-4% with and without epinephrine : clinical implications on local vasoconstrictionThiem, Daniel G. E.; Hans, Lukas; Blatt, Sebastian; Römer, Paul; Heimes, Diana; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
the_impact_of_electronic_and_-20230821181407709.pdf.jpg202329-Aug-2023The impact of electronic and conventional cigarettes on periodontal health : a systematic review and meta-analysisThiem, Daniel G. E.; Donkiewicz, Phil; Rejaey, Raha; Wiesmann-Imilowski, Nadine; Deschner, James; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
the_impact_of_the_covid19_pan-20220826150912693.pdf.jpg202229-Aug-2022The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dental-maxillofacial emergency service of a German university hospital in the year 2020Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Polsak, Marie-Theres; Römer, Paul; Gielisch, Matthias; Blatt, Sebastian; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
is_hyperspectral_imaging_suit-20220111122323714.pdf.jpg202112-Jan-2022Is hyperspectral imaging suitable for assessing collateral circulation prior radial forearm free flap harvesting? : Comparison of hyperspectral imaging and conventional Allen’s testHeimes, Diana; Becker, Philipp; Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Kuchen, Robert; Kyyak, Solomiya; Kämmerer, Peer W.
longterm_donor_site_morbidity-20230119094323823.pdf.jpg202219-Jan-2023Long-term donor site morbidity and flap perfusion following Radial versus Ulnar Forearm Free Flap : a randomized controlled prospective clinical trialThiem, Daniel G. E.; Siegberg, Fabia; Römer, Paul; Blatt, Sebastian; Pabst, Andreas; Heimes, Diana; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.
markerfree_registration_for_i-20220902133939537.pdf.jpg20225-Sep-2022Marker-free registration for intraoperative navigation using the transverse palatal rugaeThiem, Daniel G. E.; Seifert, Lukas; Graef, Julian; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Gielisch, Matthias; Kämmerer, Peer W.
new_approach_to_the_old_chall-20220111133923447.pdf.jpg202117-Jan-2022New approach to the old challenge of free flap monitoring : hyperspectral imaging outperforms clinical assessment by earlier detection of perfusion failureThiem, Daniel G. E.; Römer, Paul; Blatt, Sebastian; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Kämmerer, Peer W.